Saher Traffic Cameras are more Advanced now

In order to make the roads more safe and traffic police is upgrading their cameras. In the video above, the first part of the clip shows that drivers who drive bumper to bumper (do tail gating) will be detected by these Cameras. The cameras will measure distance between the two cars and take the photo of the second car if it is too close.

In the second part of the video, it shows that drivers who drive the car fast and slow down near the camera and then again drive fast then again slow down near the second camera; the system will be able to calculate the speed of the car and the photo of the car will be taken at the second camera and the driver will be issued a speeding fine.

A speeding fine is SR 300 if the speed limit is crossed by less 25 km/hr.
The fine will be increased to SR 500 if the speed limit is crossed by more 25 km/hr.

Take care and drive safe.