Saudi National Day Holiday Extended, People Jubiliant

While the Arab nation was already eagerly awaiting Saudi National Day holiday, His Royal Highness King Salman has multiplied this happiness and sent the whole nation into jubilant celebration by extending the holidays.

For more details about what Al Yawm Al Watani or National Day is all about please read our article Fun Facts on Saudi National Day as Saudi Arabia Turns 88:

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How long will Saudi National Day Holidays Last?

While Al Yawm Al Watani itself falls on the 23rd of September, a royal decree has designated the 24th of September also to be a holiday for all employees in the public sector irrespective of their nationality. Offices will now resume function on Tuesday, 24th September.

Which Sectors Will Enjoy the Extension?

It has been a lucky week for workers in Saudi Arabia especially the Public (Government Sector) as they get to enjoy holidays from Friday to Monday, four days in a row. Only emergency services and critical sectors like defense and healthcare will have to put some empldiscountoyees on duty to serve the nation.

Earlier during Eid season the Saudi regime had given an week of holidays sending the public into cheers. Considering that Saudi Arabia has very limited annual holidays in any case, such surprises from the government always strike a cord and increase the public’s love for them.

How You Can Enjoy These Holidays

Get creative with these holidays! Go visit your local cultural center, park, traditional souq, beach  or corniche where you will surely find a lot to entertain you such as fireworks, barbecues, traditional dance and much more. Or, if you are struck by wander lust, take this time to book a family trip at unbelievable prices. You can have the details of such offers here Saudi National Day Offers 2018.