School remained closed for 4th day in parts of KSA


Due to Sandstorm, Schools in parts of KSA will be closed Thursday, for the fourth day as per the ministry instructions in order to maintain the safety of students.

The Madinah Education Authority has announced that schools in the Wadi Fara’a areas ,Khaybar and Hunakiyah  will remain closed, following prediction issued by the meteorological body about possible continution of the sever duststorm which is going for the past four days.

In the region of Bisha, education authorities announced that schools in the area will remain closed, including the University of Bisha and its campus in Tathlith.

Taif University also announced all its campuses will be shut Thursday due to the bad weather conditions.

There have been no further announcements of school closures by the Makkah and Jeddah educational authorities, which had made similar announcements in the previous days.

The General Authority of Meteorology and Environmental Protection expected the sandstorms to continue from Thursday to Monday.

We advise our readers in affected to avoid going out unnecessary and staying outside or driving in this kind of weather until the weather will return to normal. Also those suffering from respiratory ailments, should take precautions like masks and staying indoors and where required seeking medical attention.