Scoring an Oil and Gas job in Saudi Arabia: Tough Deal Made Easy!

an_oil_island_longWhile the media might be blazing with the news about Saudi Arabia cutting all its state spending down and the oil prices plummeting down, the country has thrown a great revert by making an equal leap in in the non-oil economic growth. Goes without saying that the kingdom stands as one of the prime alternatives, when it comes to working in the Gulf.

The employment scenario in the country is itself a demonstration of the fact that economy moves forth with great thrust, irrespective of the country’s prime sector stuck in the lows. However, as the situation seems, the regime is making all attempts to compensate for the lost revenue in the sector. If the trend continues, it won’t be time when the country re-emerges as an oil and gas super power on the globe.

Considering the same, a surge in oil and gas jobs is most likely to be created. But, the kind of competition that stands in the country from all around the globe is imperative to be pondered over. Hence, mentioned below are a few hacks that will let you easily score an entry level oil and gas job in the country.

It All Starts With Some Research

Be it any field you want to choose, the preparation for every job starts with some research at your own end. Be it an oil rig job or project manager, find out as much about the targeted profile as you can. Search for the top oil companies in the country and research about each one by visiting the company’s website and applying in their ‘careers’ section.

Not only this, but you can also find out about the most recent employment trends happening all around the world, in the oil sector. Just remember that Saudi Arabia is one of the OPEC giants whose oil and gas industry is constantly changing with new technologies. Employers here would any day be intrigued about the fact that whether or not you’re updated enough to work with global clients.

Try For a Certification

There might be abundant job opportunities in the Saudi oil and gas sector, but the rising competition has forced employers to look into the certifications and qualifications that a candidate holds, prior to applying for a job. You need to get done with a specialization in some of the heavy machinery operations, which marks as quite a good way to prepare yourself for an entry level job. For instance, you can easily gain a certification in the right methodologies to deliver pumps and pipes, along with running a pressure truck.

An Oil and Gas Corporation is Not Necessary

The oil industry round the globe has changed tremendously. It is no longer a straight forward process to get people and fill the jobs. A number of global corporations find themselves needing help from external sources in a multitude of business functions. Outsourcing has become a significant process in the sector today.

Engineering jobs in the industry are usually outsourced by a number of oil and gas companies. However, there’s perfectly no reason for you to lose hope. There are a number of engineering firms you could choose to associate with and still work in an oil field, efficiently. You might work on the payroll of the company which has outsourced the process, but these include as many perks and entitlements as any oil and gas company in the country and the same amount of exposure with growth prospects as well.

It’s just a matter of a few subtleties. Rest, Saudi Arabia has a zillion opportunities to be unlocked. It’s all up to you and your approach.

Good luck!