Security on Alert; Hajj permits to be checked

Hajis shoul be warned
Saudi Arabia: As the authorities are concerned over Haji’s not using illegal means of Hajj and performing pilgrimage, it is announced that this time no such case will be entertained and strict actions will be taken against those who perform Hajj illegally and without permits (Tasreeh).

There have been hi-tech devices installed in variousplaces around Haram that will provide aerial survey and alerts on every corner of the area. It is also confirmed that such pilgrims will be  sent back to their countries, resulting in deportation and heavy fine charges. They will be fingerprinted so the history of performing Hajj illegally will stay in their records.

Makkah is currently on its way to have electronic check points and finger printing devices around the mosque so that such cases will easily be spotted out via a barcode system that will allow the official and permitted pilgrims to carry on with Hajj.

Source: Arab News