What is tanazul ?

In Saudi Arabia, when expatriates use the word tanazul, it means that he wants to do Iqama / Sponsorship Transfer. Basically it means legal transfer from one Sponsor (kafeel) to another or one company to another.

Earlier the process of transfer was quite long. However, with computerization, the process has been made easy and fast.

If you want to make transfer to a new company, then first your new company/kafeel has to send an online request in the MOL system. This request is received by your current Kafeel who has approve it online. Once the request is approved by current kafeel, your transfer is done in Ministry of Labor system and the “link” is made to Ministry of Interior (Jawazat) system online. At this point, your new sponsor has to deposit the Transfer Fee against your Iqama. Then your new sponsor has to submit Form with two passport size photo, your Original passport and Original Iqama and jawazat will immediately confirm the transfer and issue a new Iqama with the new sponsor name.

Transfer Fee

First time : SR 2,000

Second time : SR 4,000

Third time : SR 6,000




The whole process can happen in 1-2 days. But due to laziness of HR persons, it takes more time.

The Transfer fee is different for different times. If you are doing it for first time then it is SR 2000, second time : SR 4000, Third time : SR 6000. It can paid online.

Also note the following points:

  1. There should be no traffic violation at the time of transfer
  2. The profession should match the company business (eg You cannot transfer Doctor to a Trading firm)
  3. Your fingerprint records should exist in the system.
  4. If your passport has changed, all your previous passport are also required.

You can check your Tanazul / iqama transfer status online by checking the name of your sponsor. For more details see  – What is the Name of My Current Sponsor