Traffic Rules / Traffic Law in Saudi Arabia

The traffic rules in Saudi Arabia are categorized into four sections starting with the most severe violations category first. The rules are as follows:

First category

Penalties: Impounding of  vehicle with fine of SR 500 to SR 900

  1. Driving the vehicle without obtaining a driver’s license.
  2. Driving the vehicle without license plates ( impounding  of the vehicle until the correction of the violation).
  3. Driving the vehicle without a rear license plate (The vehicle will be confiscated until the violation is corrected).
  4. To use different license plates other than those belonging to the vehicle (The vehicle will be confiscated until the violation is corrected).
  5. To use illegal license plates (The vehicle will be confiscated until the violation is corrected).
  6. To install equipment in the vehicle, similar to equipment of official vehicles and  emergency vehicles (The vehicle will be confiscated until the violation is corrected).
  7. Obliterate or attempt to blur the definition of special features of the vehicle(The vehicle will be confiscated until the violation is corrected).
  8. Driving under the influence of intoxicant or narcotic drug or prescription drugs forewarned for about the narcotic influence.
  9. Bypass the traffic light at the red light.
  10. Driving the vehicle in the opposite direction of traffic.
  11. Changing lanes quickly between vehicles on public roads.
  12. Exceed the speed limit by more than twenty-five kilometers per hour.
  13. Overtaking in prohibited areas such as bends where overtaking and the highlands.
  14. Stopping over the railroad.
  15. Not covering the shell and load transported. (for trucks)
  16. To carry out works on public roads without prior to coordination with the concerned department.
  17. Not halting the vehicle completely at “Stop” sign.
  18. Not to give the advantage of being fully standing at the signal (in front of you preference) in the case of the passage of vehicles on the road given his preference.
  19. Not giving priority to vehicles coming from right at the intersection of equal access to preferences at the same time and when there is no signal priority.
  20. Not giving priority to vehicles on the main road in the absence of a signal advantage.
  21. Not complying with the hand signals given by the security officer who is managing the movement of traffic.
  22. Not giving priority to vehicles within the roundabout by cars outside the roundabout in the absence of traffic lights or a Police officer.
  23. Driving a vehicle without necessary accesories such as brakes, lights, etc or putting public safety at risk (The vehicle will be confiscated until the violation is corrected).
  24. Not using lights when driving in weather conditions where visibility is not clear.
  25. Driving in tunnels without lights.

Second category

Penalties: Impounding of  vehicle with fine of SR 300 to SR 500

  1. Any modification or addition to the structure or the body of the vehicle without taking the necessary approval from the traffic department. (The vehicle will be confiscated until the violation is corrected).
  2. Conducting public works or construction on the roads before taking the necessary safety measures to avoid harm, including the development of non-reflective slide on the back side of the vehicle (The vehicle will be confiscated until the violation is corrected).
  3. Using a vehicle that causes pollution on public roads (The vehicle will be confiscated until the violation is corrected).
  4. Exceed the speed limit by not more than twenty-five kilometers per hour.
  5. Tampering with the road or reflectors or signals governing the movement of traffic.
  6. Not to stand at checkpoints, security patrols or when there is there is a sign to stop vehicle for inspection.
  7. Non-compliance with traffic at intersections.
  8. Not using the vehicle for the purpose for which is licensed for.
  9. A number of passengers more than the number specified in the license.
  10. Sitting/standing of passenger in location in vehicle which is not for the purpose.
  11. Refusing to show the documentation for the driver or the vehicle for unauthorized access.
  12. Non-compliance with the limits of the specific tracks on the road.
  13. Leaving objects on public roads and thereby putting public safety at risk.
  14. Not to give preference to Police cars or ambulances.
  15. Going beyond the school bus when it has stopped to load or unload.
  16. Driving vehicle with expired driving license.

Third category

Penalties: Fine amount – SR 150-300

  1. Non-availability of the statutory requirements of the trailer.
  2. Failure to provide MVPI (fahas) certificate.
  3. Violation of the rules of the use of indicator lights.
  4. Failure to take necessary precautions when you stop the vehicle in emergency situations on public roads.
  5. Barriers inside the vehicle obstruct the driver’s vision.
  6. Not to carry driver’s license or permit while driving.
  7. Leaving the vehicle on the road with a slope without taking the necessary precautions.
  8. Violation of regulations on road.
  9. Failure to maintain the number plates of the vehicle.
  10. Failure to terminate the procedures for transfer of vehicle ownership.
  11. Failure to terminate the procedures for amending the use of the vehicle.
  12. No seat belt.
  13. Non-use of safety seats for children.
  14. Failure to observe the rules of preference.
  15. Non-directed vehicle for export within the period specified.
  16. Using mobile phone while driving.
  17. Stimulant abuse the vehicle.
  18. Not to wear a helmet when riding a motor bike.
  19. Leadership in the tracks is dedicated to it.
  20. The failure of the owners of animals excluded from the roads.

Fourth category

Penalties (Fine amount – SR 100 to SR 150)

  1. The use of unauthorized devices in the vehicle or put banners or posters are contrary to public morals.
  2. Leave vehicles on public roads in areas not assigned to them is a necessity.
  3. Throw any objects outside the vehicle while walking.
  4. Conduct of vehicle without a front panel.
  5. Get off or ride during the course of the vehicles.
  6. Pedestrian crossing of the ways of non-designated areas for them.
  7. Non-compliance with pedestrian signals of their own.
  8. Slowdown in traffic in a manner impedes the movement.
  9. Parking the vehicle in places not intended for parking.
  10. Stand in the parking places and people with special needs of this category is allowed.
  11. Concern without the road while driving the vehicle.
  12. The absence of an insurance policy.