Unlimited Internet - Saudi National Day offer by Mobily - 2018

Unlimited Internet – Mobily National Day Offer – 2018

Unlimited Internet - Saudi National Day offer by Mobily - 2018


With the Saudi National Day around the corner, all companies are rushing offer customer special bonuses and packages.

Mobily has announced for all its customer, where pre-paid or post paid, special offer – Unlimited internet for 24 hours starting from 12:01 am, 23rd September, 2018.

The exact offer can be seen on Mobily Facebook page. We reproduced the offer with the original Arabia text and its approximate English Translation:

لأنكم الأغلى، تستاهلون الأفضل،

بمناسبة اليوم الوطني 🇸🇦🇸🇦
استمتع بإنترنت لامحدود في اليوم الوطني ولمدة 24 ساعة تبدأ من 23 سبتمبر، الساعة 12:01 صباحًا 🤩

العرض سيتم تفعيله تلقائيًا لجميع عملاء موبايلي مفوتر ومسبق الدفع 

الآن، فعلًا لايوقفكم شي 😍


Translation –

Because you are most precious, you deserve the best,

On the occasion of National Day
Enjoy Unlimited Internet on National Day for 24 hours from September 23 at 12:01

The offer is activated directly for all customers Mobily postpaid and prepaid ✌

Now, really does not stop you from browsing
# Mobily_Kadha


So all Mobily customers happy browsing.

For all offers from different companies regarding the National Day see our complete list on 88th Saudi National Offer 2018


Source: https://www.facebook.com/mobily/photos/a.251027269116/10156008993964117/?type=3&theater