FingerPrinting centers for Women, Jawazat

As per the new rules announced by Immigration office (Jawazat) which comes under Ministry of Interior, Saudi Arabia, all expatriate women over the age of 15 years are required to have their fingerprinting (basmah) done. Otherwise they will not be able to renew their Iqama, get exit re-entry visa, Exit visa.

Requirements for fingerprinting of women:

1. Original Iqama

2. Original Passport

The following are the centers for doing biometrics (basmah) for the ladies :

Ladies Fingerprinting Center

Ladies Fingerprinting Center


Source : Jawazat website :

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  • Mohammad Hanif azuz

    Can we do the BasmaH or finger printing of women if IQAMA renewal still remaining six month or more

  • Joey

    where is this Regional passport office in riyadh? Is it along King Fahad Road? what about the Flamingo mall?? Never heard this place before. Please help

    • alimar

      you may also try in zahara mall near hyatt mall, just go to gate number 4 and turn right use the stair and you can see the jawazat office besides foodcourt..

  • Hannah

    How can I change sponsorship

  • Rizwan

    Do housewifes require fingerprinting??

  • SaudiExpert

    yes, now everyone need to get fingerprinted

  • Rizwan

    What are the timings for Alrehab, Jeddah branch for finger printing for women. Is it available in the evening.

  • Vaqar Ali

    House wife also required to do figure print where is in Jubail Please Help me

  • Isnijam

    what is the ramadan time for fingerprint in sahara mall?

  • Sudheer Mohammed Haneefa

    Basmah (Finger print) for ladies is actually very easy procedure. I did this on Sunday (24/08/2014) from Sahara Mall for my wife. I reached there at 5 PM .If you enter through Gate no.6 you can use the escalator and move to left. If you enter through Gate No.5 use stair case and take left. There is a SABB ATM .If you are confused just ask to any shop about JAWAZAT office…Take a Left turn there is a corridor to MOI service desk. A security person will give you token ticket and wait for the display in the TV screen. When I reach only 3 families on waiting there and no rush at all. Only ladies are allowed to stay there and men have to wait near food court. When your turn comes go inside with Original Passport and Iqama, and procedure will finish within 2 minutes….Working days after 4.30 PM seems the suitable time….I spend a total of 10 minutes to do the thing. Nothing to worry… Best of luck
    Sudheer Mohammed Haneefa

    • Muhammed


      Is that updated in MOI web page now

  • Muhammed

    I make update of finger print from SAHARA mall riyadh , for my family on Wednesday , but still it is not showing updated in the MOI web site , could you please advice how many days it could take to get updated in the web site

  • Chesetti

    qsaudi, Is this information about housewives needing fingerprint for Iqama renewal correct? I got Iqama for my family renewed in July and no fingerprinting was asked for. I am a bit confused.

  • jo

    Pls reply ASAP where is Flamingo Mall, first time to hear it? I have fingerprinting and palm print before 2007 but according to MOI I don’t have record, how it happened when it was computerized? Now I am obliged to do itagain

  • Jawad

    where is available for men?

  • Adnan
  • Adil Suhail

    It seems to be helpful for us to complete the legal requirements, It will be very nice and much more helpful for ladies if Saudi passport authority or other related departments will provide more easy approachable centers to complete this task.

  • IBO

    i dont understand this. . on one hand they say no need. . on the other hand they say . . make it. .

  • Kate

    I’m Just wondering, if Sahara mall is still doing the fingerprinting for registration?

  • Ibnu

    Family fingerprint – where is the location in Jeddah?.. is there anything available in any mall?.. Can anyone help me please.

  • Pls tell me the location of fingerprint (bismah) in Jeddah.

  • flower

    do they open friday & saturday & what time….thanks

  • Three angels

    sahara mall til now still have for fingerprinting for women?they are open friday & saturday & what is the timing…..Thank you

  • Ahmed

    Can any one reply me at the earliest? where we can find Fingerprinting in Jeddah…

    I head it is near Sulaimania but only in Morning..

    i would like to know if there is any place in Evening too? Serafy Mall or Read Sea mall? IS it still there or closed?

  • Saleem

    My family is on exit/re entry out of ksa for a year for my kids schooling. They will return during last wk of ramadan to rew their iqama. Is fingerprinting available during the eid period or shd it be done upon arrival at the airport..

  • Riyaz

    Are they working on weekends? If yes, what is the timing.
    Thanks in advance for your support.

  • vasanth kumar

    please provide me address details for finger printing enrollment in Riyadh with timings


    please what need document to be taken basmah?

  • Zain Balouch

    hi please tell how many days will take fingerprint of my wife to updated.
    we already want flamengo mall for my wife
    fingerprint. but still not updated in system now 3 month ago complted.



  • salman

    please provide me address details for finger printing enrollment in Al Khobar with time

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