Know Your Iqama – Saudi Residence ID

iqama idIqama also know as Residence permit or work license. It is the main identity card for expatriates that is accepted in Saudi Arabia at all places including government office, banks, check points, airports etc.

The Iqama shows your name, date of birth, name of your sponsor and date of expiry of ID. An Iqama can be renewed for 1 or 2 year. At the time of issue or renewal of Iqama, the passport should be valid for at least for 6 months.

First thing when you get your new Iqama, check and make sure the details are correct.

Name – It should match same as your passport both in English and Arabic. Or else you face problems later.

ID number – It is printed in Arabic in the middle and in English at the bottom as shown in the picture above. You can use this ID to check the your traffic fines, make payments for government services and others.

Date of Expiry – This is very important part. Iqama can be renewed for 1 or 2 years. However the date of issue is not shown in the Iqama. But the date of expiry is shown. You need to note this date down and remind your HR to renew your Iqama. Failure to do so will lead to a penalty fee. To convert to Gregorian date from Arabic calendar click here. For conversion of Arabic numerals click here. As per the law, the sponsor is responsible for all the fee related to Iqama including renewal and fines.

Profession – This the profession that counts for legal services like getting visit visa or family visa. If your profession does match as per your work description, you can ask your sponsor to get it corrected. Now a days it can be done online by your sponsor.

The Iqama is a very important ID. If lost, the process can take time and there is a penalty of SR. 500.

So take care and have a nice stay in Saudi Arabia.

  • i want to know about my sponser name because i have change my sponser in saudi arabia and want to know my iqama expiry date

    • SaudiXpert

      Dear Usman,
      You can check the article to get the requested information.
      Hope this has been helpful.

      • Hello SaudiXpert, I have a very difficult situation with my employer. He is doing breach of contract with me after i submitted my iqama, I would like to stop my iqama from maktab al amal from being transferred. Kindly contact me at 0560800024 and I would really appreciate your help. I am new in Saudi Arabia and I dont know anybody here. Someone told me I can goto maktab amal with a saudi person and I can stop it from being transferred.

        Arslan shaikh

        • Mrs. AlGhamdi

          You need to give more info of what is your job?

          • NIsar Ahmad

            i was working at Saudi for 10 years.i just got haroob from my sponser because of some personal reason….now i just want to ask that how can i get my driving licence copy of original which was taken by my sponser.
            because i need this copy to get another country driving license like Emirates.and is this possible for me to go back as saudi again and start my work over there.
            my previous eqama No is 2206865145
            and my profession was (محاسب عام)
            Thanks & best regards,

          • Nisar

            can i work again in saudi arabia while i got haroob and than final exit.

            Iqama No.2206865145

        • Please give me information how mini yeers mafe iqama one or two and some porsons speake one porson stay in saudi arebia just 8 years.

        • I don have iqama

      • rehman khan

        how to find kafeel contact number and resident ,
        i m lost his number and i m much worry ./
        please provide me information
        my email
        [email protected]

      • adeel

        dear sir i am new here in saudi arab… i just want to know the iqama fees? pelase

      • Chola

        How do i know if my sponsorship transfered? i dont have iqama before in my oldf employer. Im run away

  • Dear Sir,

    My Iqama will be expired this coming 22-12-1433, this day 29-10-1433 i submit my Iqama for renew, the administration in my site project ask me to sign a Declaration before they submit to my Company Head Office,any penalties regarding the renew of my iqama will be paid by me, for this i refuse to sign a declaration and the administration in the project warn me that if they submit to the head office it is possible to return to the project and will not renew if i’m not sign a declaration.

    • SaudiXpert

      William, Some companies have standard procedures for signing these type of forms for renewal to take care for any fines or penalties like traffic violations etc. You can discuss with your administration if any employees had any penalties charged to them. Also you can discuss with your colleagues if anyone of them for was charged for any penalties to put your mind to rest.
      Do let us know if your problem is resolved.
      Best regards

      • axcell de jesus

        i want to know my iqama number

        • شكورمخمد

          شكور محمد

      • adeel

        sir i just want to know the iqama fees because im new here in riyadh. and i also want to know tht i am on my wife visa mean she is my sponsor, so when i make my iqama then i can give transfer to any company or not?

  • ella

    sir, can i just ask, my boyfriend’s iqamma category is steel erector. can he obtain visa to dubai in the border, for we will travel thru bus. thank you!

  • sir, my vocation is this 20 october when i open the site to check my re-entry visa its message came Entered Information does not matches,please try by other combination.
    i dont know what going on my passport and iqama is valid and accurate
    please help me

    • SaudiXpert

      First make sure your sponsor made Exit/Re-entry for your passport.
      If the above is done, then you will get Exit/re-entry visa paper which also contains the visa number. You can then check your exit/re-entry status by going to MOI website – and entering your iqama number and visa number. Alternately you can enter your passport number. If do not enter the details correctly, then you will get error. Many people get error because of passport number – sometimes the alphabets in passport number are not included.
      Do let me know if the above was helpful.

      • shabeer

        But where is mentioned visa number on passport. I tried with visa number written on visa page but still coming informations not match.

        • Wilson

          Are you entering the passport number correctly. No alphabets.

      • sir my husband want to exit to his employee but until now they did not give exit visa and no iqama.

        please help us

  • Khris Maniquiz

    Good day!
    i’m having problems regarding my name here in the Philippines since i was born in Saudi Arabia…
    i just want to ask if there is any posibiLity that i can request for my registered birth certificate in Saudi..especificaLLy
    in JubaiL, Saudi Arabia…

    Thank you!

    • SaudiXpert

      Hi Khris.
      As you are not here in Saudi, I would suggest hold of some legal service provider to assist you in getting a duplicate of your birth registration along with required attestation of MOFA and then translation and attestation by your Embassy for it to be valid in your country.
      Do share your experience so that others in similar situation as yours can benefit.

      • Khris Maniquiz

        need heLp, on where can i find a Legal service provider so that i can get a duplicate of my birth registration?…and what is a MOFA?…thank you..

    • Assalam
      Sir, My passports are stolen and I need a print from Jawazat office so what are the formalities to be done on that matter. Is there any panalty for the print…. Sir please Reply hoping for a positive reply.
      Thank You

      • Wilson

        Just go to jawazat and get a print.
        As far as I know there is no penalty for print.

      • baboo raza

        Dear sir
        mein saudi arab mein last 6 mahine se kaam ker raha hu lekin abhi tak company ne mera iqama nahi diya hai. mere father ka saudi mein accident hua tha meine unko india transfer ker diya abhi mere father ki company ne mujhe insurance company ki taraf se cheque diye hai jisko bank se lene ke liye mujhe iqama ya passport chahiye lekin meri company mujhe mera iqama ya passport nahi de rahi hai.sir mujhe bataye mein kiya karo mere father ke treatment ke liye mujhe money ki jararat hai.

  • edpher

    dear sir,
    i just lost my iqama and i have already file a resignation on the comapany do i have to take new one or is there any papers thati need so that i will not renew my lost iqama so i can exit the kingdom without problems

    • Ifteqar

      At the time of exit, you have to submit your iqama. If you lost your iqama, then you have to make replacement and submit to get exit. This is what my knowledge says.

      • Sir, i have the same case., Does replacement means I need a new iqama for me to be able to exit saudi? Are there any other options? Thinking of it is useless of getting a new iqama but not will not use it anymore, whats the purpose?, Kindly feedback asap,, Thanks..


    Dear sir . My iquma profesion was labour recently i have changed my profesion in to MANDUP MUPAYATH. I want to know whether i get family visa or permanant visa for my wife.

  • ashraf mohamed

    Asslamualaikum….how i can go exit without my iqama renaval.

  • Nishal Meerasahib

    I checked my IQAMA status at

    The following message will appear

    We apologize for the lack of service due to the lack of your facility in databases ranges.

    Please tell me what is its means and now what i have to do.

    And is it possible to final exit if my iqama is expired?


  • Sir how can I check my iqama is renew or not?

  • Najmudheen

    I had given my Iqama for transfer the sponsership. Is there any online facility to know whether my Iqama transferred or not. If it so please give me the link.


  • Sirs,
    I landed in Saudi on 17.08.2012. Today on 17.11.2012 my entry visa is expired and the company is in RED. My Iqama is not done yet and i don’t know when the company is turning to Green.
    In this case how I can change my visa to a different company where I have an offer. Otherwise how can I get done my Iqama with the present company.

    Please help me.
    Awaiting for your valuable reply

  • yasir

    sir my iqama is gone for renewal before 1 month i just want to know my iqama is renewed or not and also the fee is paid or not please tell me the helpful link thnaks,

  • afsal

    is there is any problem that different date of birth in iqama and passport

  • jaypee

    Hi there, i just arrived november 5, 2012 in the Kingdom, i dont have my iqama up to now. but i need to travel to the philippines
    on december 5,2012, what should i do, Please advice me. thank you your reply is higly appreciated

  • joven malto dela paz

    i lost my contact no. of my sponsor, i would like to ask if its possible to know his contact number through this web site? thank you very much. my iqama no. is 2316902713

  • Jorge

    Dear Sir,
    I reached Saudi Arabia on october’12 but, i haven’t received my Iqama in hand yet. How do i know whether my Iqama is processed or to check my Iqama number with my passport number ?

  • Abdul Sayeed

    Dear Sir

    i would like to request could you please check my iqama validity, i left KSA last year without Exit, i came on Exit-re-entry visa and unable to join after my vacation due to family problem. the correct date is around 20 july 2011, if iqama still valid, how long i need to stay away from KSA, as per my iqama detail, the iqama expiry date was 19-6-2013. my question is when can i enter in to the KSA by without taking NOC from my previous employer in KSA.

    my Visa No. 81623888 with passport no. G5728759, and Iqama No. 2303870964.

    • Dear Sayeed,
      I am in the same condition of what you are, I left Saudi on 12th may 2012 on reentry visa and could not return back.Visa period was for 3 months and has got expired on 12th August 2012. My Iqama is getting expired on 13th June 2013. I am having an offer in Hand from a very good company, they also prepared my visit visa, but i am not sure that I can enter so did not leave my present job In UAE. But what i heard is that you can enter after Expiry of your Iqama. But not sure. If you have any concrete information regarding this please inform me.
      My email ID is [email protected]

      • Abdul Sayeed

        Thnks dear Radjesh babu for your comments, what i heard that any one can enter after iqama expire. good luck

  • moinkhan

    sir can u help me i dont now my iqama renew are not also my transfer can u help me plz.

  • Dear Sir,
    I just want to know what’s the status on my iqama no. 2295606798 coz’ as of now my iqama is in the hands of the company & the only thing that serves as my iqama now with me is the xerox copy that has the company stamp & signature of the manager,but my iqama’s expiration date has been already expired last Dec 10,2012 & the company still didn’t send me home since that my 2 years employment contract with the company has been already lapsed last October 2,2012 & I already filed my exit and according to them, my iqama is still on the exit process. The main thing I want to know is, is it possible that they send my iqama for renewal? Because it is now already beyond the expiration date? Please have me your answer on my email & it would be a great. Thanks much.

  • abdulla

    how iknow my iqama is full exit yeah not



    • SaudiXpert

      We are yet to hear a first hand story that such a thing is really happening. Until then, it is just a rumor.

      • khan

        how to check iqama status

  • Angelito Soriano

    Dear Sir, how will i know if i have problem about my iqama. Its been three months waiting my iqama number is 2089662809…

  • Ali Akbar

    my iqama details

  • mujtaba

    Can somebody help me with this?
    My iqama expires in 3 months time and I’m leaving for Malaysia next month!
    So can I initiate my Iqama renewal 3 months before its expiry date?


      yes u can renew iqamaa before the time

  • Adnan

    Once 90 days remain, you should get an email reminder to submit your passport and Iqama for Iqama renewal. I recently did that and Iqama renewal took only one week. Iqama was renewed for one year. You will not loose any remaining days. In other words if your Iqama is expiring say on 20-Aug-2012 then expiration date on your renewed Iqama will be around 10-Aug-2013. You can also apply for multiple exit/entry visa at the same time.

  • meriam

    sir,can i renew my iqama if my passport are expired already??

    • Bilal AKbar

      Yes u can. if u need any help u can mail me any time. [email protected]

      • rod

        NO!! Please be aware .. i Learned my lesson.. you cant renew your iqama if your Passport is expired.I Go to passport Department to update my passport Oct.28,2013.

  • arshad mohiuddin

    sir i want your help so reply me as soon as possible i gave 1,500 riyals to a agent to reniwal my iqama but he is not given what should i do sir plz give me solution for this hope you reply soon.


    Few years back I changed my name. My old name was NAWED NASIR. Now my new name is MOHAMMED AAMIR. But in my Iqaama the old name is there. How to change the name in Iqaama. In passport the name is already changed.

  • abdul nassar


    How can i get online duplicate copy of Iqama ?

    • SaudiXpert

      As far as I know you cannot get online copy of iqama.
      If get to know, please share with us so that others can also benefit from your experience.

  • al hasan

    my iqama date expired about 1 years tell me;how can i renew my iqama ?

    • Mohsin

      You follow the normal renewal process. Only thing is that you have to pay extra is the fine for the delay.

  • Mohsin

    You renew as you normally do. Only thing, you have to pay the fine/penalty for the delay.

  • albert

    i just want to ask if its possible to have an exit 4 months before my iqama expiry date? is there any fees to be paid by my sponsor or my self.

    • Wilson

      I think we can. The standard exit re-entry fee – SR 200.

  • Ahmed Zubair

    Dear Sir,
    Asslam O Allikum i want to check my iqama status that my iqama in huroob or not ? how can posible ???
    plz help me

    • Iqbal

      Zubair, see for status of your iqama.

  • Ilyasuddin

    Dear Sir, My name is wrong in Arabic مهمد الدين and in english MOHAMMED ILYASUDDIN Y MOHAMMED, issued from Buraidah, I need to get it corrected, how and whom to approach, I stay in Jeddah, how much I have to pay and how lengthy is this process, cos of name my family visit visa is rejected 6 times,

    can I do it from Jeddah or have to go to BURAIDAH.

    • Iqbal

      I think your kafeel/mandoob has to do it and it may have to be done from Buraidah.
      If it is difficult for you to do it from Buraidah, give it a try at Jeddah jawazat. If it works then good otherwise you have to get it done from Buraidah.
      Time required = Time required to wait in the line/queue. You get it immediately.
      Documents required : Iqama and passport copy.
      I am telling you what I know best.
      Do share your experience with us for public benefit.

  • Sheena Marie Acosta

    Good day Sir. I am residing here in the Philippines and I don’t have a copy with me. I worked for more than two years there in Saudi and unfortunately, it is one of the requirements needed in my application for VISA Canada. I know my iqama number and i have all the other supporting documents, however, I do not have Iqama. can you help me with this? Is it really necessary to have a copy of my iqama to obtain police clearance or is it okay to obtain one without my iqama but with my supporting documents? please help.

    • William

      You may need to contact some of your friends to help you out. They may need to contact some agents to help with this issue. Usually you can these agents around the jawazat office in Riyadh. Best of luck.


    As salam alaekum,

    My iqama is expire last 6 month can i go final exit,my kafil is in red,and he dont give me transfer what I do I dnt know please advise me,aslo my kafil take 6500sr for renew of my iqama,but still he unable to make my iqama,please reply me.

    Thanks Regards

    • Akhter

      One of my friend was in red categry but he got his iqama renewed through agent.

  • Mubeen

    How to check huroob on my iqama

    • Ifteqar

      Did you check on the moi website ?

  • Can I renew my Iqama earlier than 90 days/3months to Iqama expiry date. I have doctor profession on Iqama.

    • Ifteqar

      I heard that you can do. Did you try ?
      Do let me know as I am also planning to do the same.

      • abdul afeel

        i also want to renew iqama of my wife before 3 months because she want to go for delivery,if you know this let me know

        • Honey

          I also have the same concern. Can i renew my iqama y october 5, 2014 and it will expire january 20, 2015 because i need to go for delivery. Please advise me what to do. Thank you

  • ram

    i came to saudi on 19th september’12, upto now my company didnt issue me any iqama and last two month they didnt issue my salary also, so i stopped my work and ask them exit from this company but they are threatening me and forcing me to work, am keep on refussing now they are telling that they will submit my passport to labour office as huroob, i want to go back to my country can anybody help me what can i do now.

    • Ifteqar

      You must approach your embassy immediately and inform them. Most probably they will direct you to go to labor office.
      Do not delay and take the first step from your side before they put in huroob or make you work like a slave.

      • ram

        Thanks a lot Mr.Ifteqar for your reply , actually last week i approached labour court and registered a case, they gave me a complaint paper, this complaint copy is a proof that i approached legally, and i demand in the complaint that i need final exit only, no need iqama/salary..nothingelse.,..can you guide me what i have to do next, [email protected] is my email id.

  • Jericho

    How many days it will take to change the profession in my iqama? I have all the necessary documents needed.

    • Iqbal

      If everything is ready, then what are you waiting for ?
      I think one day. Actually depends on your mandoob or gov relations rep.

      • jericho

        Thanks for the reply, now I know that our govt. relations rep. is just lazy or maybe sleeping in most of his time. It’s been a month since I asked for it and until now there’s no progress.

  • Tauseef

    Dear All, My iqama expired during my visit to home country if i want to join any other company (new job) in KSA so what i can do for new visa any thing required from previous company.

    1. if iqama has been expired during visit so it willcancelautomatically or some time duration or must becancel by previous employer kindly explain me?

  • ayaz

    last year my iqama expired and i renewed it with a fine of sr. 500/-.
    this year again my iqama has expired.
    what is the fine now???

    and as usual both the times it is my sponsors mistake.

  • randolph

    how to know if my iqama is alrwady tansfered to a new sponsor thnk you.



    landed in k.S.A 2 months before sill i did not recevied my iqama now my company is red what will ahppend when i will get my iqama

  • Shams


    how i can check my Sponcer on site can any tell me about that.


  • Shahid

    can u please inform me how long does it take to renew the iqama?and how we can speed up the process? waiting for your reply,thanks!

  • mohammed


    Can anyone provide me a list of profession avaialbe in saudi arabia or I am MBA Finance, which profession suits me best.




  • Mohamed Jaleel

    Dear Sir ,

    AssalamuAlaikum ,

    I landed in Saudi Arabia 5 months back and my sponsor is in RED category .I have had enough of waiting for the iqama and I want to go back now.Please guide me the way for me to go back.

    Thanks and Regards ,
    Mohamed Jaleel

  • Mohamed Jaleel

    Also is there any way to leave saudi Arabia without making an iqama after your 90 days is over?

  • assalaamu alaikkum sir plz help me i want to know how get vissit vissa for my wife my iqama profession was sawwak al ummumi plz help sir what the proceedure for getting vissit vissa

  • check my iqama status red,yellow,green

  • Usman


    how can i know that my kafeel is in which Category

  • Shahnawaz

    Dear all,

    when i check my iqama status online result is low green status and description is written of the color code is ‘evaluation of the facility’ but date of expiry is written on my iqama is september 2013. so please tell me the meaning of evaluation of the facility


    Dear Sir
    I am Mohammad Iqbal. I was go to Zamil Heavy Steel, and i am exit in Saudi Arabia Now I am not worked in Saudi Arabia,I lost my Iqama details or copy, I want my Iqama number through my Pass Port Copy or Visa Coy, So I am Send my Visa Copy and passport copy.
    G1556551 is my PASS PORT NUMBER. I paid your charges.

    Saudi Entry Date – 12/06/2009
    Saudi Exit Date – 13/09/2009.

    Sir Please Help its very urgent.

    Mohammad Iqbal
    Mob – +91-9424121657

  • abdul majid

    sir .
    …… i am working here in Riyadh from last 3 years with my 3 colic’s , but unfortunately we did not got the IQAMA as our real kafil has refused our company to provide us the IQAMA as the their mutual problem.We bare it as we think that one day we will get the IQAMA,but everything goes in vain.
    Now we put this matter in your kind notice as u will find a suitable solution for this problem…..
    we will wait for your kind response…

  • shahrukh ayyaz

    Aslamoalakom !
    koi mere help kr day ?
    main saudia 15 november 2012 ko aya tha aur abhi tak mera iqama nahi banay k day rahay agents kisi number ka hr bar jeh datay hain k abhi tak issue nahi hwa aur 5 mah say main kisi kam pay nahi gia aur abhi tak iqama issue nahi hwa main jeddah main

  • I want to know about my iqama renew or not.

  • Sajeeb

    Aslamu alikum
    iam new in saudi arabia i paid all money for iqama but idint get now 4 month in saudi

  • Selam

    Dear sir
    I just want to know dears and dearests here for how long I could possibly change my sponsor ?i came here with Driver visa planning to work as Engineer my profesion is Civil Engineer. since I am just arrived to the Kingdom and everything is beyond I can imagine plz give me advice I can do all your information will definitely help me thank u for ur help inadvance!

  • shadab

    Dear Sir, I need to ask a query I have submitted my Iqama for transfer in another company a week before and my kafeel gave me all the papers and my passport 8 days before. Now my kafeel is asking me to take transfer within this coming week else he will huroob me and I asked my company they told me it will take not less than 45 days please give a solution what to do.Can a company transfer if my kafeel huroob me or not,my Iqama is valid till feb 2014. please help me.

  • Cho

    Why they need an iqama if you want to sold a jewelry in jewelry shop

  • Masood

    How can Find My sponsor through My Iqama Number, because I don’t know his Address, I got Visa from an Agent, Pleas Help me. now i can’t Reach to the Agent.

  • ebin

    Asalamu alaikum,
    I heard that govt has stopped sponsorshp change for a short period. Is’t true?
    I’ve aubmitted the release letter from the old compnay,passport and iqama in the new company. But i was told that the service has been stopped now.
    My iqama expires on june 24th too. So would they renew the iqama too when they do the transfer? What am i supposed to do?

  • ebin

    Asalamu alaikum,
    I heard that govt has stopped sponsorshp change for a short period. Is’t true?
    I’ve submitted the release letter from the old company,passport and iqama in the new company. But i was told that the service has been stopped now.
    My iqama expires on june 24th too. So would they renew the iqama too when they do the transfer? What am i supposed to do?

  • ComTech

    Dear sir (Saudiexpert),
    I just wanted to be enlightened on the correct procedures in transfer of Sponsorhip. I have been working here in KSA for 5 years and my Iqama was not renewed by my current employer, because of reasons which my current employer is at fault. Now he wanted me to transfer to a new Kafil and i found one, but both do not know who will be responsible in renewing my iqama. Both were pointing fingers at each other as to who will be responsible. I wanted to clarify which comes first, the transfer of sponsorhip or the renewal of iqama and who should renew it. Thank you very much for your time and consideration

  • leroy jenkins

    I want to know my profession in English since its Arabic in iqama. any idea where?

  • Abdul Latheef

    Now I want to change my sponsorship,But my sponsor’s manager wanted some money. I already given him the money how he asked. But now he asks more money and he is not giving me my sponsors phone No. or any details, So please help me to find out my sponsor,s phone No.. My iqama No. is 2312964378.


    Dear Brother

    I am working in Jubail , with the permission of my Sponsor.
    now my Jubail company send my salary to my Sponsor sum of Saudi Riyals SAR.25 Thousand my 3 months salary,
    when i went to my Sponsor to get my Salary he is telling me that wait my Saudi Nationality ID Expire.How to check the Saudi Nationality ID.Ihave my Sponsor National ID Number……… Please tell me how to Check ….. Because he is telling me that i can not remove money from ATM Card. Because od my saudi national ID Expire is it TRUE.

    Please help to Ckeck

    • SaudiXpert

      Your national Id is your iqama. You can see your expiry date as shown above.

  • Tech


    Sir, I’ve been working here at Dammam in a private company for almost 6 months and I have a problem with my iqama. The police have checked my iqama the other day and he said that my iqama is tampered.I explained to the police officer that my employer/office are liable for giving me tampered iqama and now I have decided not to work unless the office / employer replace the iqama that they’ve given to me because I am afraid to be put in jail. Sir, what shall i do with this problem ? I am afraid that i might not get paid for deciding not to work without the replacement of the tampered iqama. I am looking forward for your immediate response. Thanks!

    • SaudiXpert

      You should write official letter to your company stating what has happened with you and asking them to rectify immediately. If they fail to do so, you can approach your embassy, or the labor office or the police to lodge a complain.
      Hope this helps.
      Share your results with us so that others in similar position may benefit.

  • Muhammad Javaid

    I am new in Saudi Arabia, it is nearly 3 month ( 2 months 20 days) and till now I did not get my Iqama because my company is in red category, please advise me what should I do for my Iqama.
    Person whose company is in red category can get transfer but in my case, Is it possible to get transfer from my company without Iqama.
    Please advise me as you know these days too much checking is going on.


    Muhammad Javaid
    Email ID : [email protected]
    Contact # 059 8516331

    • SaudiXpert

      Yes, I heard of one case where they guy got transfered without getting the iqama made. Weather it was his specific case or is it possible as a general rule, I am not sure.
      If your company is in red, do try, it may work.
      Share your experience so that others in similar case may benefit.

  • Alain John M. Talosig

    I just want ask how many days it will take to renew Iqama? Is there a new policy about renewal of iqama?

    • SaudiXpert

      The renewal of iqama should not take more than 2-3 days if the mandoob (messenger / Gov. relation guy) does his work properly. This is normal days.
      However, now with the announcement of new concession and huge rush at the labor & immigration (jawazat) offices, it may take more time.

      • alain John M. Talosig

        Why our company is telling it will take a month long to renew our iqama?how about the amount to renew an Iqama?2400 sar or still 500 sar?

        • SaudiXpert

          Why your company is telling it will take a month ?
          1. May be the mandoob is lazy.
          2. May their paper work is not proper
          3. May be due to the sudden rush because of new announcement.

          The amount for renewing the iqama is to be paid by your company and not by you.

      • Alain John M. Talosig

        Can You tell me what’s the new policy of renewal of iqama?I gave my iqama together with family iqama for renewal last april 23 2013 and until now it was not renew? WE ARE schedule to have our vacation this thurday May 23, my family will be back on August 25?CAN we get an exit rw entry visa more than 90days for my family, expiration of my iqama will be on july 19? can you give me some advice?

  • rahman

    Hi Guys,
    i am in deep troubble , i come on free viza having profession agriculture labour and actually i am IT engneer . Please Help me out how to change my iqama Profession …..even My sponcer is asking to transfer……………

    • Go to Passport office and get it changed now, Offer is there

      • Satheesh

        How Much Its cost….

        • Ibrahim

          It is free right now.(only for the grace period)

  • Rukhsar Ahmed

    My current sponsor has got approval online from old Sponsor for changing sponsorship since two weeks but since that time my PRO telling me that due to rush in Jawazat now they are issuing Iqama by numbers so still your number not came

    please advice if there is any procedure like this or after approval what is next to do and what further documents required for getting my Iqama with new sponsorship


    • SaudiXpert

      It seems your PRO is doing his work. You just need to follow up with him. Just try to get some date from him when you will get the iqama.

  • AFAQ


    • SaudiXpert

      You have to apply to other companies to get job in other companies.
      Hope the answer was helpful.

      • AFAQ

        THANKS 4 UR REPLY.

  • Mohammed Suhail

    i came to saudi through a manpower company & its more than 2 & a half month & i still din’t get my iqamah. I often try calling the person but he doesn’t answer d call if at answered he says he is busy will back but he never. Whenever asked he always says in a week time i’ll get my iqamah. i had asked for my exit also he is not ready to give me a exit. Feeling sick staying idle in a room for more then 2 months. Today when i called him he told me that iqamah is ready & will get it in 2 days. can u just tell how shall i be able to know whether my iqamah is done or not… plzzz help me.. thank u.. waiting for ur reply

    • SaudiXpert

      Contact your embassy or the labor office.

      • mohammed suhail

        thank u

        • SaudiXpert

          You are welcome. Kindly do not delay as the grace period will end in another 43 days.

  • Satheesh

    Dear Sir

    My Iqama will expire on July 13 2013, i have to go on vacation from 20-June-2013 to 30-June-2013. so if i need to renew my Iqama before i go vacation. or after comeback the vacation can i renew my Iqma. Have any difficulties in my vacation

    Reply ASAP , Thank you…

    • SaudiXpert

      If possible it is better to renew your iqama before you go.

      • Sag

        good n thank you…

  • AFAQ

    i am working for a company for the last 6 MONTHS ,even though my contract is for 2 years is it possible for me to join another company without having to go exit .please let me know the actual procedure prevailing. AND DO I HV TO PAY ANY FINE TO THE PRESENT COMPANY.

    • SaudiXpert

      Yes it is possible to join another company without going on Exit provided your current company agrees to give you release. If it does, then it is not possible. If it is a really good job and you want join the new company, then you can try to negotiate with your present company to let you join the other company with some financial loss to you. It is tricky, so be careful.

      • AFAQ


        • Sag

          simple method is after getting exit from current employer then only you can join other company otherwise the 2nd person(sponser) or employer who will be hire their own risk..

  • foysal ahmed

    my passport no. A0763384 need my iqama number

  • faysal ahmed

    pleas help me. My bd passport number. A0763384. Naw im need iqama number


    Dear Sir,
    I have my scan copy of my passport stamped to saudi. But not received any employer details and others.
    Is it possible to check the details online by using the visa number or passport number?

    guide me pls..


    Dear Sir,
    Can I travel to saudi by using stamped passport alone?
    Because they told me it will be issued at saudi in my entry.
    Will the company profile and other particulars will be provided to the embessy at the time of stamping…
    guide me pls.

    • SaudiXpert

      You question is not clear.
      Kindly rephrase it.

  • irfan mahmood


    • Sag

      You can directly contact to police station with the support one person who knows arabic. and give all the details whatever you have about him. then the police will do the favarble thing for you because now the saudi rules will be change after july. so its make big problem for you so with immidiate efect you can do the same..

      its my opinion… wait for Saudi expert reply..

      thank you….

      • SaudiXpert

        As Sag said, you can contact the police.
        But before you do that, contact your Embassy. They will be able to support you as per your situation. Go and meet them and ask them to call and talk to the person who are holding your passport. Alternatively, they might issue you a new passport.

    • jj

      Getting full achievement of amnesty period Nowdays embassis are issuing new passport for Hurub people and those who lost passort. Check with your embassy weather they can issue a new passport

  • Sag

    Dear Sir

    I wanna change my Profession what are the formalities for changing profession…… currently i have labour visa…

    • jj

      step 1: Go to your HR dept & ask to change proffession
      Step2: Submit your necessary documents, iqama, passport copy, Attested certificate, Transilation of certificate, photos etc( if you are changing to Engineer, doctor etc)
      Step3:wait for one week, your emplyer will change your proffession and you will get a new iqama with changed proffesion.

  • Jopacs


    Do you have any information of how many days of allowance should the employer process a final exit visa before his employee expire his iqama. My iqama will expire this coming
    July 18, 2013 and i want to exit and go back to our country (philippines). i have little info that final exit visa must be process 1 week before iqama expires.. Is this true? can you give me the specific days allowed? And one lst thing. can you give me advice, my employer hasn’t give me yet my 2 mos. salary. he said do not be afraid by the time you have i finished my iqama he will give me all.. what if he is just lying? thanx a lot.. hoping for your quick response..

    • SaudiXpert

      If think that your employer is not straight and trying to cheat you, then you can contact your embassy to assist you.

  • Jehad

    Hello sir,

    Hope you could answer my question, i am working for more than years in our company.
    We have a very bad management, not good accomodation, 8 nurses in a very small room, very dirty room or sometimes nurse including labor indians in one room. And now i’m so pissed off, my february, march salary was hold and when we are receiving salary, they cut salary me for 10 days in february without prior notice or good reasons. And until now i did not received my march salary becuase a project manager is not sending my time sheet. We have a very poor management by our company. And i checked my iqama status it is GREEN LOW and i cant understand what is this? I really really want to transfer sponsor? Am i allowed to transfer… Here is the result in arabic اخضر منخفض can i transfer with that result of my iqqma status? Thank you very much

    • SaudiXpert

      As your status is Green, you cannot transfer unless your sponsor is will to leave/release you. If your salary is delayed or being cut without proper intimation, you can approach your embassy or the Labor office with your complain.

      • Jehad

        What about the difference between Yellow, Green and this low green? My status is low green, not green or in yellow?

    • Dear sis
      If you need work contact me plz.send me your CV.

  • Asl


    Please help me with my situation..

    I came to Saudi in february on azad visa.the agent who gave me the visa infact took it from some other agent and not from the kafeel(kafeel is of makkah),i dont know who is my kafeel.

    I got my iqama number and in May in riyadh i got a job but for iqama transfer,i was asked to pay 3100 riyals which i did about 3 weeks ago but i have not received any papers yet nor my passport.when i contacted my agent is saying that the otehr person involved is asking for more money..

    i dont know whom to approach and no idea of who the kafeel is ..the company only gave me 1 week time now to get my transfer papers.please help..

    • SaudiXpert

      Wa alaikum salam.

      It very sad to hear about your situations. Many people are facing big problems with kafeel system and especially these cheating sub-agents.
      I suggest that you to jawazat (Passport office) and get the print out. Mostly you should the contact details of your kafeel from him.
      I suggest that you talk to him directly.

  • Jehad

    What about the difference between Yellow, Green and this low green? My status is low green, not green or in yellow?

    • SaudiXpert

      Low green means your company’s Saudization rate is less and it is approaching Yellow status.

      • shaheensha

        I joined the company 3 months back where the nitaqat status of the company is low green .Is it possible for the company to have local transfer my Student family visa to their name.

  • khan

    hello sir i am working in saudi army hospital my visa is a labour but i am a bio medical technician i want chang my ipama plz tell me can i chang and how to chang

    • SaudiXpert

      Kindly contact your Hospital HR department and submit the documents to them. They will do the profession change for you.

      • khan

        thay r not helping us tha
        r telling we dont have any visa can i chang iqama my self the problem is i cant bring my baby with my labour iqama she is 7 y plz help me

        • SaudiXpert

          Your answer is not clear.

  • khan

    HR not helping thay r telling we can,t do any thing

  • khan

    and my iqama status is red ,

    • SaudiXpert

      I am surprised that your iqama is showing red status while you are working in an Army Hospital (govt. sector).
      I am guessing that you are not directly employed by them but by a contractor. If that is the case, then your employer needs to hire the required number of Saudis to change the status from Red to Green. Otherwise,they will not be able to even renew the iqama.

  • ghani razik

    Sir I have my pasport but I don’t know my aqama mumber what I do to get the number

  • Mohammed Salih

    dear sir
    iam weak in just forgive me
    i came to saudi arabia in dec 24 2012,my kafeel dont process my iqama.every time he says your iqama is proccessing.july 3 is the end day of nithaakath,what can i do sir,i want know my iqama is proccess or not .please help me sir

  • SaudiXpert

    Advise you to visit your embassy to assist you.
    Alternately you can visit the labor office and lodge a complain with them.

  • ikbal hossan ala uddin

    sir i want my iqama image.plecse haple me…id number..2224685814..22246

    • ikbal hossan ala uddin

      plecse i want my iqama image….plecse halpe me…my id number…2224685814

  • mohammed mustafa

    dear friend
    i am mohammed Mustafa, and i am here in Saudi Arabia last 9 years.
    till now i didn’t see my kafeel. now i like to transfer to other company. and i got demand letter. now i need a paper from my kafeel .

    but problem is i never see him and i don’t know where is he and where his home. i have no information about my kafeel. and i don’t have his mobile number.
    but i have his national id number. so is it possible to find his mobile number by using his national id number .
    here is national id– 1025334747 that is my kafeel national id number .
    please help me about that issue……..

    • SaudiXpert

      You can go to Jawazat and ask them to provide the contact details of your Kafeel from their computer system.

  • nida

    Sir can you please explain me the whole process of what can I do when I loss aqma?I will be,very thankful to you.

  • nazeeb


    my name is nazeeb am left saudi last 3 years back ,some friend told me some body saudi put case agnist me the case is am taking money run ,what happen that am going in new visa saudi ,or there any chance go to saudi ,

    other wise i can go qatar or dubai please replay me and how to check last two years i dont have any job please help me

    please answer mail me on [email protected]

    • SaudiXpert

      Wa alaikum as salam Nazeeb.
      You need to be sure that there is a case against you. You can ask your friend to find out the exact details of the case and get a copy of the case in written format. Till then, we cannot be sure of anything.
      If it is confirmed that there is a case against you, then is possible that they may arrest you on arrival.
      So, you need to be sure before you make any move.

      • nazeeb


        already am take from one paper jawazat inthis paper every thing clear ,

        other wise i can not go qatar please mail me on [email protected] com

  • Mohammed Suhail

    Dear Sir,
    What does Green Low category in Iqamah stands for?

    • SaudiXpert

      It means it is very near to becoming Yellow Category.

  • jj

    Can I eligible for family visa after changing my proffession Carpenter to Draftsman? or weather they consider my first visa proffession while issuing family visa? that is ineligible for family visa.

  • lisa

    where we can find or check our iqama number and visa information. please reply asap.

    • SaudiXpert

      The iqama number is mentioned on your iqama – See the picture above.
      The visa number is printed on your passport at the time of stamping of visa.

  • Hafiz Naseem Ahmad

    Sir , Recently I have changed my profession on iqama thru a saudi Agent. My iqama is going to expire in near future. Saudi Agent told me that my prefession had changed and he will me give the new iqama after renewal. Please advise me how can I check that profession have changed or not . Pls help me

    • SaudiXpert

      Currently there is no options available to check the profession of Iqama online. However, you can go Jawazat and ask them for a printout of your iqama details.

  • mohammed azeem

    how to check whether iqama is issued or not for a new entry?

  • afaq

    dear i hv spent almost 6-7 months now here in saudi. Now i m getting a new offer from other company which i cannot leave. plz tell how is it possible for me to go that company. But i know that company wont allow me a transfer. How can i make it possible now.

    • Wilson

      Unless your company is in Red or Yellow, it is very difficult for you to transfer.
      If it is Green, then your current sponsor has to release you.

      • afaq

        Sir i knw my company is in low green colour..
        And i know my co. wont alow me the transfer..
        Wat can i do..

        • SaudiXpert

          As per your situation, you cannot make local transfer as stated above by Wilson.
          However, you can ask your new company to provide visa and you can go on exit and come back on new company’s visa.

  • numa

    i want to know the name of kafeel by iqama number….i need a link where i can enter iqama number and get information about my kafeel like his name….plz reply soon..!!

    • SaudiXpert

      You can get print out from Passport office (jawazat) with complete details.

  • Sir, I have the same case of lost/stolen iqama, prior to exit… Are there any options other than getting a replacement/new one? THinking that its useless to get new iqama, but will not use it anymore? Your reply will be highly appreciated Sir, Thanks.

    • SaudiXpert

      You can try it during this amnesty period. You may get it. It all depends on the officer in-charge there.

      • Thanks for this, but i mean if it is possible not to get a new iqama again? what will I do? will getting of lost iqama letter will work to get exit?

        • SaudiXpert

          In Saudi Arabia, for most of the procedures there are no written rules.
          You have two options:
          1. Make a new iqama and then get exit.
          2. TRY to get exit without iqama during the grace period. It may are may or may not work. If it does does not work then go to option 1 🙂
          All the best.

          • Lordan

            Thanks for the Advice, Ill try my luck Dear,,, ^_^

  • Muhammed Riyaz

    Dear, I am house driver in my profession. I submitted my iqama to change the kafala. How do I know if it is changed my sponsership through online. ?? please help

  • nazeeb


    ramzan mubarak every body

    there is any case agnist me in saudi that time i can go QATAR please tell me and mail me [email protected]

    and one more thing i am already take my iqmama paper inquery and paper from jawazat office in this paper there is no case please till me

  • Abdul Basith

    Assalam alikum Mr.Admin,

    Alhumdullilah you are doing a great job. I just want to know how to check my Iqama number through my passport. I check on the link
    which says was issued and agent says the IQAMA is not issued in hard copy as there is shortage of cards. So, I just wanted to know if we can check the Iqama number for confirmation of work done.

    (I see a lot of question about it unanswered so please do answer my question)
    Thanks in advance
    Abdul Basith.
    Jazakallah khair.

    • SaudiXpert

      Wa alaikum as salam Abdul Basith.

      Thank you for your comment.

      We try answer all questions of our readers. However many a times, the questions are not clear or it is already answered earlier and people do not bother reading.That is the reason some of the question are not answered.

      Regarding your question, could you kindly clarify/rephrase your requirement.

      Best rgds


  • Rahul

    my vacation will be on 13/09/2013, my iquama will be expired on 8/10/2013.Our administration peoples are saying that,i cant renew my iquama now.They are saying, just one month of iquama expiry only can collect my iquama for renewal. sir, i already took my ticket . Is their any problem for renewal of iquama.

    sir, how many days will take for renew iquama
    you may please help me.

  • sahil

    Hello sir,

    I am in very strange situation. 2 months back i changed the iqama was transferred from previous to current one. my transfer was approved on 5th June.. then i joined in my new company..the problem is i have not got my iqama yet..and i have to visit my country..iqama transfer fees is already paid but my company pro is saying it will take another 2 -3 weeks to get the iqama…my question is can i get exit re-entry since transfer is already approved and transferring fee is also paid. i got my passport also back…so can my pro get me exit rentry now???

  • WinChu


    I just renewed my passport but not yet transferred visa to new passport, my iqama is about to expiry, can I renew Iqama before transferring visa to new passport.

  • pilo

    salam! how can i find which iqama this mobile number registered? any helpful site?
    0551675513,i dont know this number and it keeps on calling me.
    thank you.

  • ricky

    Hey there,

    I am new to saudi arabia, i came 1 month ago. I dont have iqama.

    i want to travel to jeddah to see my cousin.

    can i travel without iqama, since im new. i have passport visa stamp copy.

    • Mohammad

      Hi Hi Saudi Expert.

      Eid Mabrook,I came on final exit and embassy here in india has stamped my Visa….but my old iqama is showing valid on MOI and on MOL it is showing as final exit ….. is there any issue while going back please


  • Saad

    Sir i want to know about lose iqama information.
    My family lose there iqama but we have copy of iqama and after three months its expire.
    so i can renew my family iqama the copy of iqama.i Have my Own iqama But my wife n Daughter lose iqama ?
    plzz Must Reply PLzz its Very Important thanks

  • farhan

    I am facing a difficult situation with new employer. New Employer not make contract paper. Employer told my iqama transferd . I not leave company . Also employer not give my new Iqama. I checked daily mol site . There shown my old Employer. How i stop my transfer. PLZ Reply Reply Reply Must Today .

  • How to Print Out my number igoma with number Visa or number Pasport ……

  • LAL

    my Iqama is already expired on 08-july-2013 , i submit my Iqama to my company on 04-july-2013 , but after that i apply for final exit, my Iqama is not yet renewed , can i get final exit without renewing Iqama, because iam in an urgent situation


  • jaweed

    asalam alykum, im in trouble of iqama not renewing since 26/6/1434 due to my company in Red and i have childs and wife, my wife had valid iqama as she is on homemade visa from diffrent sponscer, my problem is i have to send my wife and childers on exit (final exit) but due to this red mark i cant renew my childs iqama since 3 months expired. what shoul i do please help me with the correct advice

    • Saleem

      You can take your wife and child to tarheel and get exit for your family. It is possible that during that amnesty period they may stamp Exit for your family at the ladies section.
      Also, you can get exit if you want. If not, you can change/transfer your company in the grace period.

  • Michael

    Hi! My contract ended last June 18. My Iqama expires today, August 25. My employer said that he will let me go home/fly by November 3 or before the date Jawasat will be strict about the IQAMA. If they would not renew my IQAMA, can I still go home/exit? How/Do I need to fill up a form or something? Is the grace period until November what?

  • emz


  • umairahmad11


    My complete name is Umair Ahmad Shafiqe Ahmad but in iqama Englisht name is correct while in Arabic they mentioned only Omer Ahmed.I have given my iqama to new company for transfer.
    IS there any problem can create during transfer due to the mistake of name or no.
    Please if anybody know about this tell me. Thank you.

    • Ateeq

      I had the same issue.
      There was no problem.

  • Salman Kazi

    Dear All,
    Asslam alaykum,

    I was working in saudi, riyadh…. in 2011my kafeel is not giving me vacation,,,,and my passport in company custody…. that time i was voice fight my kafeel he refuse to go to vacation.
    i was go to indian embassy with agent and issue my duplicate passport and came back to india on final exit through agent,,,,
    i have original passport & exit paper recd from saudi embassy.
    now i thought our kafeel is writing some red mark, false statement in my passport or oiqama …. i dont know…. what is the current situation?
    i think he was doing some wrong / false statement in my iqama, passport or finger print .
    My Question is that? can i travel dubai, qatar, kuwait etc without any problem in airport finger rprint time?
    Kindly help me.

  • How to check number iqama with use number pasport ?????

  • ali

    Sir how can i check my iqama is issue or not

  • Tahir

    Dear sir,

    i came saudia Arabia exact one month ago but i yet not find my Iqamah till date. Actually, I

    purchased visa through agent who is still here in Jeddah KSA. Whenever, i visited him he

    told me a new story. I do not know about kafeel information as well as his workshop. i have

    paid all of agents dues. what i should do for iqama or where i can i find my kafeel

    informaiton. KIndly reply through via email ID/AL Raqam is : 2314641944

    while Sajul 1108844299 Almustanud is 1300232122

    [email protected]

  • Sir, please teach me how to get a ” print out” on line because it’s very hard to go to jawasat to get it moreover I don’t have money to pay for it so please can i have it from my computer and i will print it in my printer. thanks.

    • SaudiXpert

      Unfortunately it cannot be done from your computer as Jawazat has not given access to anyone for it. You have to get it from Jawazat.

      • Asalamo Alaikum

        dear sir i have got haroof from kafeel 2.5 years ago becoz he told me for tanazul and gave me short time i did not done.but after finish my iqama i go to maktabamal and they cal my kafeel after that they told me submit 1000 riyal cheque in bank i made cheque and after that they took my 1 finger and eye in jawazat and i took ticket and come to pakistan i took print from jawazat and there is wrote final exit in print but i went 1 year b4 but they return me from the Airport now in moi they show me 0,0 riyal in fund the people told me that there is no haroob against your Aqama so please can you advise me that i should come on another visa and please can you conform me regarding haroob my iqama no.2276507411 admin or other friends can reply me i will be thankfull forever for this kind information

  • If anybody had already made the basma or exit from the jawasat, could it be possible to cancel it because of transfer kafala or a new employer?

    • Wilson

      Basma – fingerprinting is no problem, no need to cancel it.
      However, if you got final exit, then it can be canceled only by your sponsor.

  • yahya

    Dear ALL,

    Anyone pls. can help me as i got my exit entry done but when check online it gives error.
    My passport no is F9709348 but when i try it gives error.

    then unfortunately i found that my passport no is mentioned wrong. instead of
    above it is 009709348.




  • what do you mean by , it can be cancelled by a new sponsor, the new sponsor?

  • Salam!
    How reliable is the news I heard that there is an extension of the grace period. From November 3, it will be moved to February? Is it true?

  • sherwyn

    sir i lost my iqama and reported it immediately to the passport office or jawazat, payed also the penalty 500sr, after almost a month now still not finish.. my question can I travel around the kingdom with only a photocopy of my iqama with my employer stam and my original passport?

  • anastacia h. herrera

    i want to know if my iqama is finish….i transfer to another sponsor…


    Thanks for your marvelous posting! I actually enjoyed reading it, you will be a great author.I will be sure to bookmark your blog and will often come back down the road. I want to encourage you to ultimately continue your great job, have a nice holiday weekend!

  • babu

    Dear Sir,

    i want to know about the profession for expatriates to change the profession in iqama, especial in office worker’s.



  • Nabeel Saeed

    Dear Sir,
    My iqama is expiring on 14/1/1435… I gave my iqama to my company’s mandoob for renewal, after 5 days i called him to know the situation but i came to know that he lost my iqamas (me and my wife)… and now he is lying with everyone that i have not given him the iqamas… Although i have a stamped photocopy of my iqama from my HR Department on which it is written that my iqama is with them for renewal… What should I do now…? He is now asking me to give a lost iqama ad in local newspaper…

    • SaudiXpert

      The irresponsible behavior is very common for these mandoobs.
      As you have the proof that you have given the iqama to HR, tell your HR do the needful.
      Putting the Ad in newspaper and going the police station or whatever formalities is required should be done by HR department.

      • Nabeel Saeed

        Thanks for the reply, Although I have a stamped photocopy with me but they are still asking me to do the procedure myself and submit the fine and any other charges from my pocket… what is the benefit of that stamped copy…? is it useless…?

  • joshua

    sir, how could i know my iqama number? i dont see my iqama. i am 8 months now here in saudi but still i can not see my iqama.

  • joshua

    how could i know my iqama number? i did not see yet my iqama. i am 8 months working but still my iqama not come

  • ilyas

    i all ready final exit from the saudi arabia ,and how i will check my visa status if any remarks in my visa how i know please guide me,

  • ilyas

    I came to india from saudi arabi final exit, how i know the the my visa status if any remarks in my exit visa or any problem please guide me

  • Dear Sir , my company’s CR is finished due to that my IQAMA is not renewed , my company have 5 division in which one division have this problem , before i was in green company but
    they transfered me in that company which CR is finished , now it is any possibity to get transfer again in green company

    Please reply

  • Ahmad

    HI Sir.sir i have a problem i want to discuss in details.
    i can KSA at 16 march and my Sponsor status is red ,i wait 3 month for it but the same situation after 3 months .i get my passport from my agent and join a company as Jawazat Rule that “if a person spent 3 months in KSA and has sponsor status are still red so he can change has sponsor ship with out permission”so company give me job and join the company from 16 jun now i m working here but my sponsor ship is the old and in red status ,mean while my new company make some documents for me from MAKTAB AMAL.but i have no iqama up to this time so give me proper direction that what can do now.i wanting for your reply .

  • renjith radhakrishnan

    dear sir,
    i have a doubt because in iquama english name is correct but in arabic some last name is missing that is in english my name is renjith radhakrishnan vasupillai in arabic only renjith vasu.can i change this.or one more my proffession is marketting specialist i have degree certificate can i get a family permanent visa please need your help

  • khoirul muhajir

    saya bekerja di bin-laden saudi arabia.. dan memiliki kesulitan tentang iqamah,waktu itu saya memiliki iqamah,3 bulan sebelum masa berlaku tanggalnya habis iqamah tersebut saya serahkan ke pusat bin-laden, namun samai 2 tahun ini iqamah tersebut tidak juga datang,saya sudah menghubungi kantor bin-laden,akan tetapi iqamah tersebut tidak sampai ke kesana,mungkin iqamah saya telah hilang,bagaimana cara saya memuat iqamah saya?
    saya cuma memiliki foto kopi iqamah tersebut,tolong beri saya pengarahan…
    nomer iqamah saya:2314241536

    terima kasih;

    • khoirul muhajir

      saya bekerja di bin-laden saudi arabia.. dan memiliki kesulitan tentang iqamah,waktu itu saya memiliki iqamah,3 bulan sebelum masa berlaku tanggalnya habis iqamah tersebut saya serahkan ke pusat bin-laden, namun sampai 2 tahun ini iqamah tersebut tidak juga datang,saya sudah menghubungi kantor bin-laden,akan tetapi iqamah tersebut tidak sampai kesana,mungkin iqamah saya telah hilang,bagaimana cara saya memuat iqamah saya?
      saya cuma memiliki foto kopi iqamah tersebut,tolong beri saya pengarahan…
      nomer iqamah saya:2314241536

      terima kasih;

  • wilson

    salam.. as my company does not give exit to us, can i go on reentry and come back to other company in Saudi once my iqama period is over.?

  • Hello sir,
    I am kulwinder singh i am new in saudi iam a heavy driver but my sponser mention house driver on my iquma so i am not able to get saudi licence so please suggest me something. I also asked to sponser for this but he denyed.

    • SaudiExpert

      Personal Driver profession can’t be changes. Nor can a personal driver get a heavy vehicle licence.

  • mohamed riyas abdul lattiff

    i need my new sponcer

  • Jaseer

    Dear Saudi Expert

    I would like to know some important information as show below,
    I got married from Saudi Arabia and am having marriage certificate from Saudi marriage court with stamp ministry of foreign affairs. am planning to change my wife Iqama to mine, unfortunately her Iqama already expired in last month. I submitted to my company all the documents such as her passport, expired Iqama, her father Iqama, her father passport, release letter from her father, my Iqama and passport.
    Kindly advise me there is any legal issues while transferring her Iqama to mine and any fees related to this subject.

    A prompt response would be appreciated.

    Kind Regards

  • i just want to know my driving license status while i got final exit from Saudi Arabia,
    is this possible to get same driving license on new visa.

    • SaudiExpert

      yes, nisar you transfer the Same DL to new iqama, you must have a xerox copy

  • adil

    aslam o alikum …
    sir i found a iqama and driving licence on the road ,His name is “Qaid Sahlay Ali al hada “,,now tell me how i can search that person address , or ,, tell me the better way how i can send his IQAMA and driving licence ?
    give me advice what should i do ?
    IQAMA # 2140867553
    sponsor = ali bin jabran bin muhammad

    • Muhammad Jibran

      Dear Brother!
      Go to Mobily, STC or Zain Office and request them to give you the number on that ID that you find and make him call and get Ajj-re-azeem….

  • smartysameer2002

    I wanted to know the procedure of correction in Iqama in Company Name section

    Before my renewal it was mentioned as Muassasah following with the Kafeel name
    Due to some unknown error after renewal Muassasah is my iqama company details.

    It is very surprising that Company HR is not sure about the procedure to correct company details and delaying it since long.

    Please explain me the procedure for correction and also tell me if it can be done by myself or it is compulsory that sponsor should go for this correction.


  • smartysameer2002

    I wanted to know the procedure of correction in Iqama in Company Name section

    Before my renewal it was mentioned as Muassasah following with the Kafeel name
    Due to some unknown error after renewal Muassasah is NOT MENTIONED in my iqama company details.

    It is very surprising that Company HR is not sure about the procedure to correct company details and delaying it since long.

    Please explain me the procedure for correction and also tell me if it can be done by myself or it is compulsory that sponsor should go for this correction.


    • Khalid Baloch

      Dear Sir,
      If Mussassah is not mentioned then it is not a mistake as well as it does not matter.. How ever make sure the name is correct.

      My name is khalid…if some one call me Mr.Khalid or just Khalid….then offcourse he is calling me/// But offcourse if some one says Mr.Khalil,,,,then that is not me offcourse..

      So Mussassah Ibrahim and Sons OR just Ibrahim and sons is the same….

  • Ann Go

    Hi Sir, my boyfriend is in Abqaiq, Saudi Arabia now. He is working in a forwarding company in there but they aren’t treated equally. Now, he wants to exit from the country but his iqama id will expire only on march 2015. What is the best thing to do about this?

    • SaudiExpert

      He can go on exit.



    • SaudiExpert

      It takes 3 days to get a Iqama

      • Euhee

        dear allo, please can smebody help me to check if there are any case filed against my iqma? 2318911282. Thank you very mucH

        • avid044


  • Dear Saudi expert,
    Could you help me in knowing if I was given an Iqama by my employer before…I arrived in Riyadh last October 2004 but I don’t have a copy of my passport only what I have is the copy of my Visa.This is my Visa number NN03299548 but the middle name they write was Dolores Filipino Santos instead of Flores.Besides I want to know also the name of my employer.I hope you can help me with regards to my problem.May Allah bless you…Thank you and regards…

    Respectfully your’s,
    Dolores Flores Santos

  • Assalamu allaikum,

    my husband get a job in jeddha as a project engineer he went on jan 24th 2014 past 3 moths ago.but not issuing iqama . we having twin kids both are asking about hi dad. please do something to get iqama soon as possible before ramazan.pls i need your help nobody can guide me plsssssssss

    Thank you

  • kashif

    Dear Sir,
    My name is kashif mushtaq my iqama is already expired i am wiaiting for a new company which possibly transferred me, under there sponsorship next week .Today i check iqama status on internet it is some thing like this (????? ???? ????? ?????? ???? ???? ???? ?????? ?? ????? ?????? ?????? ).
    what does it means ?? its not being a hurdle for my transfer
    before a week a ago my kafeel is in red so i am satisfied that for transfer i didn’t required any thing from my kafeel, i already got my passport and iqama with me.just waiting for the demand letter from a new company so i can submit my passport and iqama to them.

    Please reply me asap and if there is some suggestions kindly inform me
    waiting for you humble attention

    We are sorry for the lack of service due to the lack of your company’s databases ranges
    what does this mean and what I have to do next

  • kashif

    Dear Sir,
    My name is kashif mushtaq my iqama is already expired i am wiaiting for a new company which possibly transferred me, under there sponsorship next week .Today i check iqama status on internet it is some thing like this “”We are sorry for the lack of service due to the lack of your company’s databases ranges “”.
    what does it means ?? its not being a hurdle for my transfer
    before a week a ago my kafeel is in red so i am satisfied that for transfer i didn’t required any thing from my kafeel, i already got my passport and iqama with me.just waiting for the demand letter from a new company so i can submit my passport and iqama to them.

    Please reply me asap and if there is some suggestions kindly inform me
    waiting for you humble attention

  • riyaz

    Sir, my friend is working in abha , yesterday he back to abha after his vacation,now he is facing a problem regarding his icama renewal, his icama lost from his kafeel office, is the old icama is must for icama renewal?

    if YeS what the procedure?
    if not what the procedure?

    • sameer

      The procedure to process a lost iqama & reprint a new one does not take more than 3-5 days maximum, there is a penalty of SR:1000(Fine) & another penalty of SR:500(New card) which has to be paid to the javazaat & they will print a new card with the remaining period of validity.

  • syed abdul rehman

    Dear Sir
    Please I need a one suggestion, I got a car on the rent before two months in my Iqama id card, but the car was using by my one friend, his name is Abdul majeed and I have his mobile numbers also, so recently I would like to submit Iqama renewal fees, but 2000sr penalty is showing, while I did not receive any message by MOI on my mobile number so I informed to Mr, Abdul Majeed but he is not agree to submit the penalties and he is using abuse language to me, I am unable to pay this amount due to some crisis, please can you advise how can take action to him as soon as possible I will appreciate your response,


  • zeth

    Dear SaudiExpert…

    i have Some Question Regarding on my Credit card….if i have some Some Few Balance on my Credit Card And i go Exit on Saudi…there some Possible that they can Block me on the Airport?…

    and Please don`t get me wrong, i don`t have any plan`s to Run my Responsibility on my Card..i got just Have only a Company Issue,. Just Wondering only :))

    Thanks :))

  • harish abdul hameed

    I took a car and gave it for transfer in jeddah. The agent said that my iqama count (nuskha)is wrong. I checked the moi portal and found it to be 4 whereas in my iqama its 5. So he cannot transfer the car to my name. I checked with jawazath and they said they cannot correct it coz its automatically generated. I want to know how I can get the car transferred through moroor and if needed how to correct the issue.

  • kunjuvarghese


    I want to know the procedure for extending re-entry visa for my dependent daughter. Iqama already renewed and have enough validity period.

  • iqamah inquary

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  • Raza Naim

    Assalamu Alykum!

    Dear I wanted you expert advice on the following subject. I am an iqama holder with validity until April 2015, however my passport is expiring in 2 months. I am currently outside the Kingdom and flight in 4 days to Jeddah. Will I be allowed to enter? Thanks for your help.


  • saif alislam


    I want know know about Follow Up Number (رقم الصادر ) how can i get this number ?

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  • Euhee

    dear allo, please can smebody help me to check if there are any case filed against my iqma? 2318911282. Thank you very muc

  • Junaid Khan

    Salam Alaika, Saudi Expert

    I am new here in KSA (joined on 12 Sep 2014) and am wondering that will I be able to get my Iqama/Passport from Jawazat because I have an emergency at my home and I have booked the ticket on 14th Oct 2014 but waiting for iqama.

    Is there anything that can help me out or fasten the process so that my family does not face much problem and at least I can travel.

    I am very much tensed, if I can be helped out, I would be very thankful.

    Junaid Khan

  • Mohamed Yasin

    Hi Team,

    Is it possible for me to obtain or get visa if i have breached exit/reentry visa norms. Had been to KSA between Jan, 2013 -Jul, 2013, came back on exit-re entry i assume which was valid for 6 months. Unfortunately could not return as i had difficulties finding a right job during my stay.

    However later i started getting interview calls early this year from SABIC. Went through multiple round of interviews with the folks, which evenly got successfully cleared. They did release an offer letter through third party company named Dar AlRiyadh.

    I had to mention my ordeal stating that iqama and visa has expired due to over stay. Since then i haven’t heard back from them.

    Iqama number: 2337685057

    Saying this i would like to know if i am banned to entry the country, if ‘Yes’ how long is this applicable. By Allah’s grace i am pretty confident of clearing the interviews, but this flaw hounds me to attend one.

    Please advise


  • Sir
    1- my iqama is expired for two time how much fine i will pay
    2- and how much i will pay for Maktab Al amal (2500 *2, or 2500 only)

  • abdul

    Hi Team,
    My Iqama is expired 4 days ago, i want to apply for driving license. is it possible with expired iqama or not. As my sponsor will take 2 – 3 months to renew iqama.Kindly, suggest me a better advice.

  • Ahmad

    How can i check my Passport Expiry Date on MOI site?

  • Joby

    I got an opertunity in Saudi .i leave saudi 2013 but unfortunately i lost my exit letter .for the new visa stamping they required the exit i can get exit letter for new visa.Please help me someone have knowledge about this

  • Mohammed Riyas

    I want renew my passport (Change in Particulars). I hope my Passport number will be changed.
    What is the after process once my Passport number change’s with valid iqama???
    Could any one can reply me??? Thanks in advance

  • imran

    ma ya ksa ckeak kr skta ho ka mara aqma bna ha abe ya nhe

    • Muhammad Shahid

      hi apko kitna time ho gya aae hue…?

  • ihsan ullah khan

    I am ihsan ullah khan
    From Pakistani
    My job computer application DBMS

  • daani_1414

    Hello Guys,
    Is it safe to send scan copy of your iqama and driving license for job purposes to anyone like jobs on Expatriate etc.???

  • raza

    Is it true that maktabal amal fees not applicable? ?? Plz ans fast….



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  • Mohan Shrestha

    I found iqama those name
    mohammed khan syed ale
    iqama number -2115004531
    if you see this message,know this person try to this number

  • avid044

    one of my relative is missing in Saudi Arabia, Dammam. we have only his iqama. how we can find him

  • Akif Naeem

    hi i got my iqama few days ago, there was error in my name printing(arabic), i submitted iqama and passport for correct. they corrected my name but now they have changed my address location:

    makan asdar : الخدمات الإلكترونية (electronics services)

    what should i do?? is it necessary to change it or not ??


    • hasan mohiuddin Qurishi

      asak! even i have got the iqama with incorrect name? will you help mw with the process how to get it corrected?

      • Akif Naeem

        wasalaam, You have to correct before applying for any other services, kafeel will do it for you free most probably. Or may be they charge you 100 sar for card reprinting. do this before license…

  • Ali Ranjha

    Hello is there anyone want to check their IQAMA is issued or not. please contact via Whatsapp 0599490946 with VISA copy. 50SAR Fees would be applicable. Thanks…

    • Kanhu Charan Gaudo

      Sir, how much money spent on make a new iqama

  • Shamas Ali


  • hasan mohiuddin Qurishi

    hello ! someone please suggest me that i got a iqama with mistake in my middle name is replaced with mohammed two times,where as it should be mohammed what should i do?if there be problem if i make a driving licence with the incorrect name?or shoul i correct it first? iam on free visa here..and will my sponcer charge me for doing this?please help

  • Hani

    Hi Everyone! I just want to know if iquama number is permanent? Like in my case, I only transferred to a new employer in KSA and will get new iquama. Will I get an iquama with the same number with my previous iquama ID? Thanks

    • Prakash chhetri

      Yes, your Iqama number will remain same, no matter how many sponsor you change…

    • Corazon Malabanan

      hi .good day, may i ask u. did u do the transfer here from ur previous company to a new one?

  • michael jason josol

    my arabic name in my iqama is wrong, if i go final exit is it a problem or not?

  • shahzaib

    Hi All,

    I bring my wife on permanent visa here but due to some problem of my company with the insurance company my wife’s insurance cannot be done within 3 months. My wife entry date into Kingdom is 19th June 2016 & now today is 24th October 2016 so if we calculate its almost 1 month & 7 Days that my wife’s 90 DAYS visa expires. I want to know that how much fine they will impose to make iqama as now i have received the insurance and need to make iqama. Kindly help. Need reply very urgently.


  • Haris Abbasi

    salam i am here in ksa since 18 oct,2016 but kafeel not giving iqama my insurence is done any one update me either my iqama is online or not or kafeel submitted iqama fee thanks

  • Abhay

    what is meaning of Approval
    limit SR 1000 on card.kindly share.


  • Mozammel Hoq

    Dear gys take my salam. This is my visa no is E232115650 I want to know any iqama created against the visa? Plz any one tell me…. Allah hafez.

  • Yasir Butt

    I found this Resident Permit/Iqama from Lahore Civil Court. Please see that if anyone knows him do contact. I will dispatch to his address.

    If anyone knows how to contact him, let me know. Just trying to help him out…Thanks
    Yasir Butt
    WhatsApp: 03214921865