8 Things to be Careful when Renting a Car in Saudi Arabia

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As the public transport system is limited in Saudi Arabia, the primary means of transport in Saudi Arabia is by car. At times you may need to rent a car for your transportation needs. There are few things that you should keep in mind when renting a car :

1. Make sure that the car is in good condition. Avoid taking car which is old or driven a lot (see distance traveled) or where the engine is giving sounds.

2. Make sure the car is insured. Keep a copy of the insurance.

3. When you return the car, make sure the rental company removes your name from TAMM traffic system and you receive an sms confirming this. If he fail to do so, and later someone violates using the car you recently rented, then traffic fine will show against your name/iqama in the MOI system.

4. Check the car for physical damages like dents & scratches. If there are any, ask the car rent company to note them down. You can also take photo/video with car rental guy include in it as a proof.

5. Check all the tyres are in good condition. Also check if the spare tire is present and in good condition.

Courtesy : Toyota

Courtesy : Toyota

6. Make sure the number of kilometer entered in document given to you is correct and matches that shown in the car odometer.

7. If you are going on long journey, then you may want to ask the guy to check/ change the oil and filter. Also check the radiator water level.

8. Check the brakes and make sure they are not worn out.



Documents required for renting a car are as follows :

1. Valid driving license

Motorist who are resident in Saudi Arabia and have iqama need have valid Saudi driving. For those on business visa, your country’s driving may be acceptable depending on the country.

2. Iqama /Passport

For residents, Iqama is must. However, those on business visa have to show their passports.