How to get Internet Broadband at Home in Saudi Arabia ?

Internet broadband 3 In today’s world, it is difficult to imagine life without internet – especially with it becoming a major source for information and communication. Below is a list of main Internet Service Providers in Saudi Arabia : 1. STC – Saudi Telecom Company – It is the oldest and the largest company in the Telecommunication field in Saudi stc-logoArabia providing service for mobile, fixed and broadband communications services. You can visit the company website  – You can get all possible internet options available from STC on   2. Mobily – It is relatively new comer into the telecommunication market in Saudi Arabia, launching its services in June, logo mobily2006. Its entry into the market started a price war with STC and since then prices for telecom service have fallen quite substantially. You can visit there website  – To get 3G or 4G connection for home, see For internet for mobiles, see 3. Zain Telecom – The company was launched in August, 2008 and is providing both mobile and broadband services.zain-logo-header Their website is – To check out broadband offers from Zain, visit – GO_Logo4. Go Telecom – They have launched their services in mid 2009. They have limited coverage. It is advisable to check their coverage in your area before taking their service. Alternately, you can return the package, if there is no coverage in your area. Their website is –