Advantages of ONLINE PROCESS for Permanent Family Visa

Advantages of Online Process for Premanent Family Visa

The process for applying for Permanent Family Visa has been made very easy. You can easily apply for the visa from your home and get it attested by CoC. To know more, see How Apply ONLINE for Permanent Family Visa.

There are number of advantages for applying online:

1. Very fast 

The Online Process is very very fast. Usually takes less than half an hour to complete the process online. Then you go to Chamber of Commerce and get it stamped. Many of the readers have reported that they got the visa approved within 2-3 days of stamping.

2. No attested documents

No need to show any attested documents to anyone in Saudi Arabia in the Online Process – neither your marriage certificate nor your  educational certificates/degrees

3. No SCE letter

The Online Process does not require any letter from Saudi Council of Engineers.

4. No Istiqdam Appointment

One of the major headache now a days is getting Istiqdam appointment online – The appointment system is closed most of the time and when it opens, which happens in random manner, most of the time appointment is after two months. The Online Process for Family Visa, eliminates the need for Istiqdam appointment. You just apply directly.

We advise, our readers to first apply for Permanent Family Visa through the Online Process. If it does not work for you for any reason, then you apply through Istiqdam.

To know more about applying for ONLINE Permanent Family Visa, see How Apply ONLINE for Permanent Family Visa.

All the best.