Am I allowed to do Hajj – Know your Haj Eligibility – Hajj Tasreeh check

hajj elegibiltyHajj Permit query

If you are staying in Saudi Arabia with a residence permit (iqama) and have already performed Hajj in the previous years (less than 5 years) then you will not be issued Tasreeh (Hajj permit) by the government.

In order to know if your are eligible to be issued Tasreeh (Hajj pass) by government of Saudi Arabia, you can check on Ministry of Interior website link.

Alternately, you can go to; then click English.

Click the “E-Services” Tab in the top middle.

Then click “Passports” in the Right hand menu and then click “Public Query Hajj Eligibility”

Then enter you iqama id number and click view.

If you are eligible you will get a message in green otherwise in red as shown below:

Do remember us in you prayers when you are going for Hajj.

There is also an alternative website brought to our notice by one of our readers for checking Eligibility