Beware : Using fake currency can result in Jail and heavy fines



Using fake or counterfeit currency can result in jail of 5-25 year and a fine of SR 30,000 to SR 500,000.

The Saudi Arabia Penal Code states:

“Any person found to have counterfeited or duplicated currencies formally in circulation in Saudi Arabia or abroad, or to have brought into Saudi Arabia counterfeit or duplicate currencies, or found to be dealing in or circulating counterfeit or duplicate currencies by any means or method, or if any such person has made, owned or possessed in bad faith all or some counterfeit machines, materials or tools, such a person shall be subject to imprisonment for a term not less than five years nor more than twenty five years and a fine not less than thirty thousand Saudi Riyals nor more than five hundred thousand Saudi Riyals.”

Source : SAMA

So how do we identify fake currency? The Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency has provided security feature in each type of currency notes which we give below for your information. Kindly click on the image to enlarge and then expand icon on upper right corner to read:

sec100 sec500