Car Loans for Women – Banks are ready


Female Car Drivers –  Banks ready to cater their needs


On 27th September, King Salman decreed that women will be allowed to driver cars and ban on them will be lifted by June next year. This was historic moment for Saudi Arabia. This is going to lead to wide spread changes in the society and economy of the country.

The bank has geared up and readied itself to provide loans to ladies who want to own a car.

As per Talat Hafiz, who is secretary-general of the media and banking awareness committee of the Saudi banks, has said that banks are ready to finance women who want to buy cars directly and indirectly through payments to car dealerships.

“Car sales in the Kingdom reach 600,000 thousand annually. However, this number will increase by 50 percent in the coming period, which will have many positive impacts on the country’s economy, including the GDP,” he added.

Saudi Arabia is set to see more number of cars on the roads soon.