How to check funds available in your name

funds available

The payments for governments can be made online or through ATM.

You can see the amount of money available against your iqama number;  until it is deducted when your process is done or you refund the amount. You can check this amount any time online from the Ministry of Interior website. We provide you below step by procedure for checking the fund available against your iqama.

1. Type

MOI funds check 1

2. Then click English on the upper left side of the page.

MOI funds check 2

3. Click the E-services tab in the top middle of the page.

MOI funds check 3

4. Then click “MOI Diwan situated on the top left column.

MOI funds check 4

5. Then click Public Query Available Funds

MOI funds check 5

6. Enter your iqama number and Image code then click View or press Enter key.

MOI funds check 6


7. Press Enter button

MOI funds check 7

The above photo shows that there is no amount in MOI account.

The below picture shows that there is SR 200 as Passports deposits. In this case SR 200 was deposited for  Exit re-entry visa.

SABB - Payment of Exit reentry fees 10

Another example below; you can see SR 6000 in Passport Deposits. This deposit is for sponsorship transfer (3rd time).

Sponsorship transfer payment 4