Checking Huroob status of Iqama – Ministry of Labor

huroob status

How to check if the sponsor(kafeel) has put absconding report (huroob) against your iqama number ?

Kindly note this process is not valid for domestic workers. For domestic workers, they have to approach jawazat (passport office).

Step 1

Click here to go to Ministry of Labor website

Alternately copy and paste the below link.


Step 2

Enter your iqama number in the second box and press enter – see pic below

Iqama status check - entry page


If the you get the below message, then that normally indicates that there is huroob against your iqama number. Otherwise it shows the status of your company – White, Green, Yellow, Red.

Iqama status check - display page


Alternately, you find the status by checking on the Ministry of Interior website. Click here for more details.

Kindly note, these methods are only indicative. To be 100% sure, you need to get computer print out from Passport office (jawazat).

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