List professions reserved for Saudis

profession reserved for saudisoil1

As per the recent announcement by Ministry of Labor the following professions are reserved for Saudis

We have provided two different translation from two different sources for your convenience.

English Translation 1 English Translation 2
Chief Administrative of Human Resources Executive HR manager كبير إداريي موارد بشرية
Manager Personnel Department HR manger مدير شؤون الموظفين
Manager Business and Workers’ Affairs Labor affairs manager مدير شؤون عمل وعمال
Individual Relations Manager Staff relations manager مدير علاقات الأفراد
Personal Affairs Specialist Staff relations specialist اختصاصي شؤون الأفراد
Individual Affairs Clerk Staff relations clerk كاتب شؤون الأفراد
Employment Clerk Recruitment clerk  كاتب توظيف
Personal Affairs Clerk Staff affairs clerk كاتب شؤون موظفين
Duty Clerk Attendance control clerk  كاتب دوام
General Reception Clerk Receptionist (general) كاتب استقبال عام
Hotel Reception Clerk Hotel receptionist كاتب استقبال فندقي
Patients Reception Clerk Health receptionist كاتب استقبال مرضى
Complaint Clerk Claims clerk كاتب شكاوى
Cashier Treasury secretary أمين صندوق
Private Security Guard Security حارس أمن خاص
Representative Broker معقب
Copier or Key Maker Key specialist ناسخ أو مصلح مفاتيح
Custom Clearance Employee Customs broker مخلص جمركي
Female workers in the Ladies Accessories Shops Female sales specialists for ladies shop العاملات في محلات المستلزمات النسائية

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