Leading attacks in the Kingdom have been claimed by ISIL. The security of the state is in jeopardy after going through such devastating events.

Saudi Arabia: Crown Prince, Mohammad bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz has asked for an alert in the Kingdom because of the security threats and attack being made by ISIL in a recent recording that was published online on their twitter affiliated accounts with an image of the bomber who used the explosive belt and had targeted 15 people in a Saudi Mosque in the region of Asir, Saudi Arabia.

The ISIL group had been targeting and bombing inside Mosques earlier this year in May, 2015 and had claimed responsibilities to those attacks and the recent Asir attack as well. The Crown Prince has asked for an immediate alertness and to ‘raise the level of caution in any developments that, God forbid may arise’

The ISIL has claimed to more such attacks in the future in the recent recording as the Kingdom has joined forces with the US and are fighting against these terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq. The nature of such attacks have proven to be fatal, causing deaths and destruction.