When you are living in KSA there are procedures and rules involved with everything that you follow. It is clearly important that legalizing your stay in KSA is on the top of ranks once you reside here. Iqama is the Saudi Identity card for an expatriate that is issued to all expats here. For more information on the Iqama and the elements typed in click here know your Iqama (Saudi Residence ID). You will by now be familiar with the structure of an Iqama.

When you have reached the expiration date, what is the procedure to get the Iqama renewed? It is always suggested that you renew the Iqama before the expiration date so that you face no harsh problems when it is gone for renewal or during the process. If you need help in determining the expiration date, follow the link Checking Iqama expiration date online

At first the Iqama renewal system in the Kingdom was done manually and it took much time and labor. Now the systems have been revised and the Saudi Government is planning to integrate all computerized systems for Iqama renewal, finger printing and the likes.

Procedure of Iqama Renewal:

  • Renewing Iqama Online

    Due to the advanced systems being introduced, there is an option to renew your Iqama online. This e-service can be handled by the Government Relations officer or the HR department in your company. The fee for renewing your Iqama online is SR 500/- for an individual but if you happen to live in with your family then fee for the employee and the dependents is SR 1,150/- . For saving yourself a lot of trouble, you can renew the Iqama three days before the expiration date, else you may need to pay a penalty fee or get fined.

  • Medical Exam for Asian and African Nationals

    For Asian and African countries, there residents have to take and submit a Medical Exam each time before the renewal of their Iqamas. Once you have renewed your Iqama you will be notified through an SMS by the MOI or try the Abshir services for Checking of your Iqama is renewed

  • Getting the Iqama in hand

    Once you have been notified, you will next want the Iqama in your hand. The Government Relations Officer of your company will then come to you with a letter stating that you have your Iqama under renewal attached with a copy of your old Iqama.

  • Receiving your Iqama

    Either your GRO (Government Relations Officer) will hand over the new Iqama or you can receive it from the Jawazat.

  • Provide a copy to avoid freezing of bank accounts

    Last step is compulsory if you don’t want your bank account to freeze. Provide them with a copy of the renewed Iqama so that they may update their records.