How do I Know if My Iqama is Renewed or Not ?

iqama renewal

It is a standard question for the expatriate working in Saudi Arabia, I have given my iqama for renewal to my company/sponsor and it is more than a week. Is my iqama renewed ??

There are three ways you can find out if your iqama is renewed or not  :

1. Check expiry date of the iqama on MOI website.

If the expiry date has changed (increased) from the current iqama you had, then your iqama is renewed. To see step by step procedure see


2. Check the funds available on MOI website

When your sponsor is going to renew your iqama, he needs to deposit the iqama fee against your iqama number in MOI account. When this amount disappears, then it usually means that funds deposited have been used and renewal is done. You can see


3. Check the status of your iqama in Abshir account

You can check the expiry date of your iqama through your Abshir account; if the iqama is renewed, then expiry date will be changed. See Facilities of Abshir.

Kindly note, if you are already registered on Abshir, then your will receive SMS from MOI advising you that your iqama is renewed.