How to Renew Your Istimara online – Saudi Vehicle Registration

Istimarah (4)


The Saudi Arabia is moving fast in embracing new technologies and many of the government services online now.

It is now possible to renew your Istimarah (Vehicle Registration Permit) from the comfort of your home!

We give you the complete procedure for Istimara renewal and its requirements.

Requirements :

  1. Your Fahas / MVPI should be valid and entered in the new system – This happens automatically when Fahas is done.
  2. Car insurance should be valid.
  3. There should be no unpaid fines / traffic violations.
  4. You have to make payment of SR. 150 as three year fee for Istimarah (Vehicle Registration Permit). To make payment online see How to make Istimara fee Payment online
  5. The remaining validity period should be less than one year.
  6. Registered to Abshir facility. For details see How to Register for Abshir online


  1. Login to your Abshir account.
  2. Click “Traffic” in the left column.
  3. Then click ” Vehicle Services”.
  4. Click “More Details” for the vehicle
  5. Click “Renew Vehicle Registration”

And you Istimara is renewed in the Traffic Police System and no need to worry about it getting expired. You can collect later the new registration from any Traffic Police Station/counters.

The above service can be used for checking Istimara validity.

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Login to Abshir and then click "Traffic" as shown

Login to Abshir and then click “Traffic” as shown


Click "Vehicle Services" and then "More Details"

Click “Vehicle Services” and then “More Details”


Click "Renew Vehicle Registration" to complete the process

Click “Renew Vehicle Registration” to complete the process