Documents needed for buying a USED CAR




As you might have noticed, Saudi Arabia has a wide variety of exotic cars roaming around. From the lush large streets of metropolitan cities to narrowest alleys of villages. There’s high chance you as well wanted to get a taste of what these rides feel like when driven and you surely also got tangled up in the struggle of figuring out what documents you would need if you wanted to buy one of them. That is why I created the Graphic above to get a quick peep into the necessary documents.

There are many places where you could find the one that fits your wallet and your needs. Some online sites I compiled are:,,,… or you could get in touch with someone to find the cars physical market, commonly known as Hiraaj. This is where people gather and trade cars. There’s a good chance that you would find an unbeatable bargain in there. You could even find spare parts, workshops, showrooms and other relevant material. Once you get to know the market you soon will understand the rates of different items and how their rates fluctuate overtime.

There is a little detail of the Infograph below which you would need when buying a used car:

1: Download the Police (Maroor) form from the following website or you could find it at your city’s police station traffic dept. Fill in the details of the Owner and Vehicle or have an arab friend fill it out for you.

2: Have your valid Iqama with its copy available with you (should have enough validity left), or they may excuse your case and form an irritating obstacle for you.

3: Have you valid License and its copy available (should have enough validity, but hey everyone has enough LICENSE validity, my License expires in 2025)

4: Have the valid Vehicle Registration (istemara) and its copy (just keep a copy of everything you have, you never know when you might need them, avoid the fuss) This obviously will be with the seller so coordinate with him before breaking the ice.

5: There is a small ownership transfer fee which you can pay through the internet if you have are an ATM card holder or you can ask your friend to pay the fee through SADAD or manually at the police station but before you do confirm with your local police dept. the method of payments they accept, I faced it!

5.5: Make sure the car owner has paid all his traffic violation fines that he incurred with the car, to prevent you being stopped with the car at police checkpoints.

6: You must have heard it, Car Insurance is mandatory in Saudi Arabia. Present the agreement/policy/package of insurance that applies to that car. Popular insurance companies include Tawuniya, TUCI (Trade Union Cooperative Insurance), Najm, Malath and many others

7: Ahhhhh! I personally hate this although its for the safety of cars on the road, you guessed it, yes its Fahas! Make sure the car has a valid MVPI (Motor Vehicle Periodic Inspection) certificate. is in good condition mechanically. Visit a trustworthy mechanic preceding your purchase to make sure you buy the car that performs well inside and out.

8:Lastly a Sponsor’s letter is required.. If you are an employee at a firm you can ask the concerned senior at your company to prepare the letter stamped and signed by the company’s Owner (Shaikh), or discuss with a colleague the method that applies at your specific company.

This sums up the description of the Info-Graph and hopefully by now you must have a better understanding of the method of purchasing a used car. If you have any further questions regarding this topic please ask in the comments below for our qSaudi Expert Team to respond.

Good luck with you first purchase.