e-Services for Private Sector Companies

e-services for privarte sectoeSaudi Arabia: The Labor Ministry of Saudi Arabia has launched e-Services portal and facilities for the Private Sector Companies in KSA. The facilities include visa issuance, saudiazation rates which were achieved, electronic recruitment services and more.

All of the Ministries services are in process to transfer to the e-services arena instead of the tradition manual way that procedures that were used earlier.

It is said that for the visa issuance facilities for the distinguished firms is to provide a stable balance to the green category or firms that hold a higher status automatically.

The service will be helpful to get some immediate visas out of the companies for new activities and tasks and expansion. It will be used to expand the current activities once they send their applications to the Ministry’s mail online.

These government projects will reflect positively on the citizens and workers in KSA. It will increase the work flow and provide visa opportunities for the foreign workers.

As far as the regulation of eVisas were concerned the Minister of Labor had cleared that the firm has to be in green medium category or a higher one, the time period of the firm should be more than 6 months, it shouldn’t downgrade the visa category, should commit to the wage protection program and should be free of any negative remarks of labor inspectors.

Source: Arab News