Top 7 reasons why living in KSA for expats is the best decision

New Infographic (6)When can have many counter arguments on the topic, but a few of us actually know the perks of being in the Arab land. As expatriates we have reasons to be in Saudi Arabia and here is our pick of the top 7 reasons we’re residing here, instead of literally any other part of the world.

1- Good Eatery

Living in any other European country, you find steaks and fancy desserts on the menu. At times it gets so boring that all you can order is chinese, or cook oil-dipped curry. What we get in KSA is pocket friendly. We get food served from SR 20/- to SR 150/- per head out on the streets. We have exquisite varieties of Shawarma and Kabsa that expats love!
The restaurant business in KSA is one of the most on-going businesses of the country. Each place has its own unique taste and serving style.

2- Travel and Tourism

For what we have estimated, this is definitely the top wanted point that expats really care about. Speaking of Saudi Arabia, you have desert lands and a few historic spots to check out. But in real there is a lot more than we can image. Here’s out pick on the top 3 places to visit in KSA.
Other than that, we have the Holy places ‘Makkah’ and ‘Madinah’ in the country. These two are one of the most talked about and busiest places of the state. Makkah is also known as the ‘city that never sleeps’ because of the continuous prayers in the Holy Kaaba and people worshiping in the mosque.

3- Malls and Shopping

The biggest boredom stoppers are the hugs malls in the Kingdom. KSA has one of the largest malls in Arabia. Each city has its own attraction, architecture and built that gives it the life of living in KSA. These luxury spots are great hangout places if you have enough pocket and time. We have branded and local products, showrooms and so much more for expats to explore, sales and more sales to buy the best at cheap rates.

4- Night Life

KSA is one of countries in the world, where people don’t sleep sound at nights. It’s where some of them wake up! If you take a trip to the highways you will see that the night life is active there. People eat, drink, hangout and explore even when the sun is down.

5- Financially Stable

When we see the majority of expats in the Kingdom, we know that they are all here in reasons to build their future. KSA offers financial stability for its employees. They have stable wages as compared to many other countries in KSA. They offer a benefits and visas to explore with family. In short, it has a lot to offer to the common man.

6- Sheehsa and Café

Another hot spot in towns are the sheehsa and café stop that are the perfect place to visit and hang out with friends and family. You can see major number of expatriates chilling out from a major work routine with their friends.

7- Ramadan

The Holy month of Ramadan that stretches on for 30 days/29 days is of the holiest months for the Muslims in KSA. Despite many sectors get a holiday during the end days of the month and the educational institutes are closed, and there is a chance for you to fly back to your native land. Still many prefer to be in Saudi Arabia during that time because of the peaceful atmosphere and religious vibes that they get. It gets really different when the entire routine changes and you get the blessed month with such perfection. Even though the month requires you to abstain from eating and drinking, you can get frustrated, but the people here are in high spirits when Ramadhan strikes in.

Let us know what are you favorite things about KSA as an expatriate in the comments below.