Enjaz Services to track Visa Application Records

Enjaz Tracking Service

To get a visit visa issued for your families there are several options; the first one is that you apply for visit visa online, second one is that you apply for Visit Visa through Istiqdam

When you have the Visa issued from MOFA then you need an agent in your home country to process your visa. In Pakistan, generally Etimad Centers are said to be authorized and reliable in terms for such visa services.

When you have all the required documents up for verification with the Saudi Embassy then you may track your visa application by choosing Enjaz Services by following this procedure:

  • Open the Enjaz Services website https://enjazit.com.sa/VisaPerson/VisaFees and fill out details
  • Enter the application number that you received from MOFA, applicant’s passport number and Image code.
  • If your Visa has been stamped then you will view that on the website there.
  • Prepare all the necessary arrangements for your family’s arrival next and ensure that there is a return ticket booked as well.