Getting Visit visa for your family and parents online

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Working in Saudi Arabia alone can difficult with the limited options for outdoor activities. Having your near and dear ones around you is always welcome change. You can get your family (wife & children) on permanent visa. (for details click here). In case, you want to get them only for a short trip, then, Visit visa is the better option.


1. Valid iqama
2. Acceptable profession
3. SR 25 – processing fee
To check if your profession is in the acceptable/allowed categories, just go to the gov website and enter your iqama number, if your are eligible to issue visit visa.

The following relatives can be invited on visit visa:

1. Wife
2. Children
3. Father
4. Mother
5. Bother
6. Sister

Our readers can update if anyone of them has got any success on any other category of relatives.

The online visit visa application procedure is very simple.
Before you begin, We suggest you use Google Chorme brower, where you can use the translation button as the website for visa application is in Arabic. Also, Google translate is helpful in filling the form.
Go the visa application site, and fill in the required details. Once you submit the application, you should take a print out of the completed application. The application number will be written in the corner of the application. Take signature and stamp of your sponsor at the required place and submit the form to Chamber of Commerce. They will charge you a processing fee of SR. 25 give you a print out. After 3 working days (edit: now a days it is taking 7-10 days), check the status of you application online. If approved, send the application number to your relative in home country to start processing. There is no confirmation within how many days the visa should be stamped though most of the people say 3 month.

Documents to be submitted at the time of visa stamping to Saudi Embassy:

1. Original passport
2. Iqama copy of sponsor.
3. 2-4 passport size photos.
4. Authorization letter – If you are trying to get visa stamped for you sister who is married, then you need to get a permission letter from your sister’s husband which has to be submitted along with the documents.

Usually the processing takes 1 week. Remember, once the visa is stamped on the passport, you have 3 month to arrive in Saudi Arabia else the visa will expire. This rule has changed. The passports are being stamped with visa valid for traveling in 30 days or else the visa will expire. One of our readers, Seemab ji has shared the following:

“I went to Saudi consulate and also on Etimad..But they refused to renew validity of visa and said that its applied only on visit visa..once expired you can’t do any thing.And from now visit visa validity will be only one month. Earlier  you can travel with in 90 days after stamping but now its not possible…you should have to travel in 30 days after the date of stamping. 
Use travel agent in your country to get the visa stamping done on the passport through the Saudi Embassy/Consulate

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