How to Book Appointment for Istiqdam for Permanent Family Visa


To see the Procedure to apply for Permanent Family Visa Online Go to


How to Book Appointment for istiqdam2


The Ministry of Interior has made booking of appointments for Istiqdam to permanent Family Visa online. This appointment is only required when applying for Permanent Family Visa  through Istiqdam. If you are applying for Permanent Family Visa through ONLINE process, then this is not required.
Those who wish to apply for Visit Visa, they can also do it online by following this process – Visit Visa for family & kids
As with all online MOI process, this process also requires Abshir account. If you do not have Abshir account, you easily register it. See How to Register for Abshir Account
We provide below step by step instructions for booking appointment ONLINE:
1. Login to Abshir
2. Then click Istiqdam in the left column.
Many people confuse and click the Book an Appointment option in Civil Affairs which is for Birth registration.
See the picture below for the correct option.
Istiqdam Appointment Online 1
3. Then click Book an Appointment under Istiqdam.
Istiqdam Appointment Online 2
4. Click Proceed to service button.
Istiqdam Appointment Online 3
5. Click Book new Appointment button.
Istiqdam Appointment Online 4
6. Select the following
  •     Click the Check box for Family Visa (see picture below)
  •     City – This the place for which you want appointment
   Then click Next button
Istiqdam Appointment Online 5
7. Click “Select” hyperlink as shown in the picture.
Istiqdam Appointment Online 6
If there are no appointments available, then you will get the below message. In such case you will have to try again after some. As per experience, people are able to get appointments when they attempt on Sunday morning around 7:15 am to 8:15 am. But it can happen at any time. You have to keep checking it every hour during the office timings. It depend when the Istiqdam people open it. You may get dates after one or two month. If someone cancels, you may also get earlier dates.
Istiqdam Appointment Online 7
If appointments are available then you will go the below step.
8. Click the Green box for the desired date & time. The red boxes indicate that no appointment is available for that date / time. Select the appointment carefully. Once you make an appointment, you cannot change it for 24 hours. After 24 hours you can edit/Update the appointment as shown in the last picture.
Istiqdam Appointment Online 8
9. The page will show your time and date of appointment and also the Istiqdam location where you have to go. Click “Confirm Appointment Details”
Istiqdam Appointment Online 9
10. Click “Print” to print the Appointment.
Istiqdam Appointment Online 10
You can also modify your appointment details or cancel it as shown below:
Istiqdam Appointment Online 11
Wish you all the best.