How to Check Visa Status Online – Permanent Family Visa or Visit Visa

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There has been much confusion regarding visa status, whether it has been issued or not; what is the current status etc. This both in the case of Permanent Family visa and also in the case of Visit Visa.

The good news is that all this can be very easily checked on the enjazit website.

The below process can be used to check the visa status of Permanent visa as well as visit visa also. However, please note that for visit visa, “visa number” is not same as “visa application number” which is the number you get initially on MOFA website. To get visit visa number, visit MOFA website after approval of application. For more details about finding the visa number for visit visa, see end of article.

Procedure for checking the Visa Status


Go to Enjazit website by clicking this link –

Then click English as shown below:

How to Check Permanent Family Visa Status 1



Enter the details as below:

1. Visa Number : Enter the visa number –

For permanent visa, it is the number got by sms (for online visas) or the number on the yellow slip (for manual/istiqdam process)

For Visit Visa, the process is given at the end of article.

2. Visa Issuing Authority : This is the location of the Saudi Embassy from where the visa is going to be stamped.

3. Sponsor ID : Enter your iqama number.

4. Image Code : Enter it as indicated in the box below.

See the picture below for clarification.

How to Check Permanent Family Visa Status 2

How to Check Permanent Family Visa Status  – step 2

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How to get Visit Visa Number in order to find Visa Status

This process applies to only visit visas applications which are showing as approved on the MOFA website. For the applications which are not approved, there is no benefit of this process.

Many of the people think that the “visit visa application number” is the actual “visa number” which is not correct.

The visit visa number can be got from the MOFA website as below:


First identify the application number. It is the number upper left corner in the visit visa application print out just above the bar code. See the picture below. (Click picture to enlarge)

Visit Visa application number


Goto and click English on the upper left corner.

Then enter the details as shown below:

1. Application Number : “Visit visa application number” as got from STEP 1

2. ID Number : Your Iqama number

3. Enter the code and click “Inquire”

See image below for more clarification. (Click picture to enlarge)

How to check Visit visa status check on MOFA website


You can see the status of visa application. If the visa is rejected or in process, you will get one line text. If it is approved, then you will get the below text along with the names of person and their duration of visa.

You can get the visa number as shown in the below picture. (Click picture to enlarge)

Visit Visa Status and Visa Number

Visit Visa Status and Visa Number