When you are getting hired in Saudi Arabia, it is of utmost importance that you follow all the standard procedure and legal systems as prescribed by the Government of Saudi Arabia and the Ministries of several departments.

Your Iqama profession has a lot of importance on your career and your life in general. You need to make sure that you have written the correct Iqama profession and are working under it as well. Check your Iqama profession online. If there is a mistake then you need to rectify this mistake by sending your Iqama to the Jawazat or asking GRO or the HR of your company.

If you are hired as an Engineer then it is of utmost importance that you register yourself as the Saudi Council of Engineers, you may take a detailed insight on the fee and online payment here. Incase if you’re hired as an Accountant then you need to register yourself with SOCPA as per the Saudi Labor Law.

SOCPA stands for Saudi Organization for Certified Public Accountants. The registration is vital when you are applying for a permanent family visa. Once you’re registered with SOCPA the process becomes relatively easier.

  • Educational Requirements

    For getting registered with SOCPA the first requirement is that you hold a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. Take the degree with your transcript to show that you have completed 15 credit hours in accountancy subject courses from your University. Same procedure works with the Master’s degree in Accounting. You should take the original degrees for both the levels along with the transcripts to ensure your registration with SOCPA.

  • Creating a SOCPA account

    Next you should create a SOCPA account by visiting http://www.dfsocpa.com/Applicant/AccountDetail/SignUP

    The procedure here is the usual sign up setup, where you add an Email ID and password. Once you have successfully created your account, then you should attach the relative documents on it. These include scanned copies of your certification, latest result card, previous result cards and transcripts, Iqama and Passport copies and lastly the letter of authorization. The draft for the authorization is available on the site so you should print, scan and upload that to the site.

  • Pricing and Payments

    You need to pay SR 500/- once you have successfully uploaded and submitted all the required documents. The payment is for the document verification that will be done by the SOCPA authorities. Online payments for SOCPA are only limited for credit cards. There is no else mode of payment rather than paying this via credit card.

  • Visiting SOCPA center

    It is located in the Ministry of Commerce and Trade building area on Al-Washam street corner, on King Abdulaziz Road, Riyadh. The name is written in Arabic script with the logo of Ministry of Trade and Commerce. Office location is at 2nd floor inside the Ministry building, 4th room on the right.

    From there you will receive a membership form that is in Arabic. When you have submitted the filled form back you will give your Iqama number so the person in charge will check if you have completed the requested procedure on the site by filling out the needed and attaching the documents. Keep a file of your certificate and transcript copies, Iqama and Passport copies and the likes so you may hand them over if you’re asked to do so.

  • Getting a Membership card

    To collect your membership card you will need to pay SR 200/-. You may use an ATM card for this matter as they don’t accept cash there in the office.

  • Contact Details

    For details and queries contact SOCPA services at