Etimad Services are the provided ‘Visa Services’ and ‘Added Value Services’ by Etimad (Private) Ltd. The services present convenience for customers and an extensive list of Visa Services to choose from. There are procedures for getting your family’s Saudi Visa stamped by Etimad.
The service is highly reliable and secure and provides Saudi Visa for family.

Keep in consideration that Etimad Service and centers are limited to Pakistan only. Therefore all the procedure explained below can only be done when your family is in Pakistan and are willing to get their visas stamped for KSA.

Meanwhile if you’re applying for a Family Visa for the first time, refer to, Procedure for Family Visa for first timers or have a look at this infographic that compares between the different types of family visas

Getting a Medical Exam from GAMCA, Pakistan

  • Book your Appointment

    The very first step in the entire procedure is that you book an appointment at GAMCA Pakistan for all your family members. Kids under 12 years of age are exempted from this Medical Exam. When you book the appointment you will be provided with a slip that will have the name of the Medical Center you are supposed to visit for the actual exam.

  • Research and Ask

    You should have a better and comprehensive knowledge of the sort of tests they will have for the Visa in Saudi Arabia.

  • Required Documentation

    You also need documentation that will be submitted to the center. These include; original passport, 8 passport sized pictures with blue backgrounds, original ID card. You would need to take 4-5 copies of each mentioned document.

  • Endoresed Polio Vaccination Cards

    You would also need Polio Vaccination cards, endorsed by a travel agent. If you are not having those, then you may get these certificates for RS. 1500/- from the agents there at Etimad Centers, or get them done at a general clinic that provides certification.

Visiting Etimad Centers

When you have the visa and the yellow slip in hand and you’re willing to get your visa stamped, that is where the Etimad Services come in. Know the validity of your visa and yellow slip and take help from this infographic visa options.

So, next stop is visiting the Etimad Center, with all your documentation and the medical report that you will receive from one of the assigned GAMCA centers.  Along with these bring the following necessary documents;

  • Document showing your proof of relation with the applicant, for instance; marriage certificate for wife and birth certificate for your child. This document should be attested by the Foreign Office in Pakistan
  • For children less than 12 years of age polio certification is required. These have to be endorsed by travel agents. Etimad centers have such agents and charge RS 1500/- for certification
  • B form issued from NADRA for children under 18 years of age
  • If you have a daughter above 18 years of age then you need an attested affidavit notifying that your daughter isn’t married. For boys’ above18 years of age, you cannot get a permanent family visa.
  • Passport of the Applicant should have the relations name
  • CNIC should be provided with Husband’s/relation’s name
  • Photocopy of the passport of Husband and Iqama
  • 2 passport sized photographs with white backgrounds of the applicant
  • Police Clearance Certificate

When all the documents are submitted and verified you will need to know how you can track the application status

Once the visa arrives it is stamped on the passport and then can easily be collected from the Etimad Centers. You may also choose Enjaz services to track application records.

You have to make sure you collect your passport from the Etimad center within 30 days else it will be handed over to the Saudi Embassy. For this issue you can also hire courier services from Etimad to drop the passport at the given address.

Fee and Pricing at Etimad Centers

The processing fee costs around 10,000/- PKR with an appointment. The amount paid for the visa processing is not refundable.

Similarly, you can either go through the normal channel or get the emergency services that will charge extra. The emergency services doesn’t work in literal terms, it can be a trick from the agents to get some extra cash from your pockets.

Contact details for complaints and queries

For Complaints

Competition Commission of Pakistan – 7th Floor South, ISE Towers 55-, Jinnah Avenue, Islamabad, Pakistan

Phone: 0092 51 9100260-3 | Fax: 0092 81 9100251

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Contact Numbers

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