Yellow Slip for Permanent Family visa

Validity of Online Permanent Family Visa & Yellow Slip Validity

After applying for permanent family visa, the Istiqdam issues a yellow slip which is basically the confirmation of issue of visa. You have to send this yellow slip to your home country so that you family can get the visa stamped on their passport. For those who have applied through the Online process, they need to take printout of the visa and send it back home.

Yellow Slip validity

Many expatriate have question about the validity of the visa. As per Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs website -(…) , the visa is valid for 1 year from the date of issue. Which mean you can get the visa stamped on the passport from the Saudi Embassy within one year. As Saudi Arabia follow the Hijri calendar, one year here mean 354 or 355 days.

Online Permanent Visa Validity

The above information is valid for permanent family visas applied through the online process.

Validity after Stamping of Visa

However, please note that once the visa is stamped by the Embassy, the normal allowed travel duration is 3 months after which the visa will expire. This can be confirmed by checking the visa validity stamped on the visa. The same is confirmed by the notice in Istiqdam as shown below (click the image to enlarge it):

Family Permanent Visa Validity

Family Permanent Visa Validity – Isitqdam Notice


So plan your family’s travel accordingly.

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