How to get tasreeh for Mahram Hajj if you have already performed Haj in last 5 years (& 5 years are not completed yet)

Hajj is one of the pillars of Islam which ever Muslim – male or female is required to once in a life time. It renews the bond with the Creator and encourages person to lead a more virtuous life after the pilgrimage with 2 million other people.

Due to it being a very large gathering and millions of people moving from one place to another at same time, the Saudi government, in order to manage the crowds, allows only a limited number people to perform Hajj every year. For this purpose, it has put a restriction of 5 years gap if a person wants to do Hajj a second time. That means, if a person who has performed this year, then he do only after 5 years. However, there is an exception; if a lady is performing Hajj, then her husband can perform the Hajj with her again even though he may performed the previous year. In this case, the 5 years restriction does not apply to the male person.

The procedure to apply for Tasreeh in this case is as follows. It was shared by a viewer of website. He had done the procedure on 7th August, 2018:

First you have to register on the Hajj website for Hajj with the tour operator of your choice. And get the vaccination done. Then go with the following documents to Jawazat (Saudi passport office) with the below documents:

Things required

  1. Your iqama (original)
  2. Your wife iqama (iqama)
  3. Original receipt of vaccination (medical)

The officer will check the above and return them back to you.

You have to submit the following documents

  1. Your iqama (copy)
  2. Your wife iqama (copy)
  3. Wife Tasreeh (copy)
  4. Original receipt of vaccination (copy)

The officer will take the above and within 24 hours, your tasreeh will be available online. Some people got it done in less than a day.

Enter Jawazat building from the Masjid side. Then on second floor, take left then right. The last in the end is the office for this purpose. The mudeer (manager) sits on the second floor. If he is not available, then you have to go to third floor. It has been observed that if you give to mudeer, the work get done faster and if you submit above (3rd floor) it get done but with little delay.

Then you can print it online the next day from your Abshir account.

We would kind request you remember the person who has shared this information in your prayers especially during Hajj. Also, don’t forget Qsaudi in your prayers 🙂