How to Print Postal Address Online in Saudi Arabia

Now a days every person with independent iqama needs to have registered Postal Address with Saudi government on postal address website.

The procedure for registration is very simple and can be done online. See How to register Postal Address in Saudi Arabia Online.

After registration online on the website, you need to print the address to submit to the bank or other departments. Or you can go your bank website and online link the address to your bank.

Below we show the step by step process to print the address which you have registered.


Step 1

Go to

Upon clicking the above link, you will go the below page

Fill in your iqama number and mobile number and then click verify ID.

Step 2

Then you will get the below page to enter the activation code received on your mobile via sms.


Step 3

Once you have done that, you will get the address printing like shown below. You can print it and submit to the bank.




Also, most of the banks give online option to link the postal address. Just go online and link your bank account by selecting the National Address linking option.