Family Visa in Saudi Arabia

Family Visa in Saudi Arabia – Types & Processes

Family Visa in Saudi Arabia


Expatriates in Saudi Arabia are over joyed with the introduction of the Online Process for applying for family visa.

As the above info-graphic explains, this process is fast and produces almost immediate results. There is no need to visit the Istiqdam office. This saves us the need to apply for online appointment for Istiqdam. As there is no visit to Istiqdam, there is no need to show any degrees & certificates. Which also means that there is no need for attested documents. And finally once the visa is approved, then you just print it and send it to your home country. You can even scan and send the paper unlike the Yellow slip which has to be original.

When there are so many benefits of the Online Process, why the need for Istiqdam process (Manual process). The thing is that Online Process is just recently launched and it is taking time to streamline. Many people are getting error message that “they are not meeting the Istiqdam business rules” and asking them to take an appointment and come to Istiqdam. So, it may be still some time till the system becomes completely error free.

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