What should you do if you lose your driving license in KSA

Loosing or damaging your driving license can be a bit of issue in the Kingdom. You have to make sure that you follow the standard required procedure beforehand so that you get the license card back in case of any mishap or issue in the future. If you are caught driving without it then ask a friend or someone from the family to drive just for the time you get your license back or you may face heavy charges or fine if caught driving without one.

If you haven’t had a driving license in KSA, then you can apply by following with the procedure give here:

Re-issuing Driving License procedure and rules explained:

There are two steps in which you may retrieve the license back. The first one is that you re-issue the card from Dallah Driving School by submitting documents and verification in Saudi Arabia and then you get it at the Traffic Police Office. Let’s begin with the first option;

Re-issuing Driving License from Dallah Driving School and Traffic Police Office

  • Dallah Schools of Driving are based in KSA and are present in all the major cities of the Kingdom. Whether you have gotten your license from Jeddah and have shifted to Riyadh or vice versa you may go to any branch of the driving school to get the driving license.
  • When you get there, ask an agent to make a file for you and let them know that you have lost/damaged your license. The cost will be minimal in this case and your file will be ready that will comprise of the following documents:

A form filled in Arabic for the re-issuing of the Driving license

Copy of Iqama (Identity Card)

Copy of the lost/damaged driving license

If the license is damaged then attach the damaged license in the file along with other documents

If the license Is stolen then attach a police report stating that you’ve lost the license

If the license is burnt then attach a civil defense report with the documents

Proof of paid fee/charges

2 passport sized photographs

  • Once you receive the file from the agent with all the above mentioned documents, then you will be required to take an eye test. Once you’ve passed that, a slip will be attached with your file and that will complete the procedure.
  • Advance to your nearest police office. You may ask them at Dallah schools what they recommend in terms of the Police office branch that you can visit.
  • Visit the office. After your documents have been checked and re-checked you will get the license within 10-15 minutes.