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e-Services for Private Sector Companies

Saudi Arabia: The Labor Ministry of Saudi Arabia has launched e-Services portal and facilities for the Private Sector Companies in KSA. The facilities include visa issuance, saudiazation rates which were achieved, electronic recruitment services and more. All of the Ministries services are in process to transfer to the e-services arena instead of the tradition manual […]

Deadly fire at Saudi Aramco Complex in Khobar

Yesterday, 30th August 2015, a fire gushed up in Saudi Aramco Compound causing life causalities and deaths in the situation. The fire was extremely dangerous and one of the biggest out breaks in Khobar, Saudi Arabia. Watch this footage captured of the smoke and soot of the deadly flames.

True Story : How I got Huroob removed?

Huroob is the act of Abscondment from the company. In easier terms this means that the employee has ran away from the company or that he hasn’t paid his sponsor on time. Huroob means that you have taken the matter to Jawazat and now the employee that has Huroob has nothing to do with the […]

Muqeem Cards will be will be tough to forge

Saudi Arabia: New Iqama cards that are said to be in order will begin from the next year; the validity of which is said to be 5 years. These cards will be known as Muqeem cards and it will be impossible to forge them or replicate them in any illegal way. These cards will be […]

Riyadh Time Lapse – Video

Saudi Arabia without a doubt is one of the most amazingly built eastern land. It has a scene of modernity and culture to it. It’s capital Riyadh has some of the many architectural surprises that have inspired people and also have elevated the design of the entire city. Behold the following time lapse of some […]

Procedure for Hiring Housemaid in KSA

When you are residing in KSA, it is illegal that you just hire maids through websites or with your friends/family references. There is a legal channel for this and we recommend all the expats residing in KSA to abide by the laws where ever they are implemented. Conditions to hire a Housemaid in Saudi Arabia […]

No Canteen Facilities for students

  Saudi Arabia: Students in KSA have to bring their lunches to school from now on wards. It is said so, because of the not functioning canteen and food places in schools. It is said that the school authorities have not signed contracts with any of the suppliers for the canteen and food supplies. They […]

I have a Traffic Violation; how can I check the Number Plate?

Saher Cameras in Saudi Arabia are the recently installed video cameras and detectors that have been keeping an eye on the traffic violators. In almost, each corner of the city there are cameras that have been clicking and connected to the system database, where the violators can check the traffic violations they have caused online. […]

6 Things Saudis like to do

Living in Saudi Arabia, you may have noticed tons of activities that Saudis like. We have gathered the 6 most observed and liked activities that Saudis get involved in. Once you start reading the post you will relate to a lot of this stuff that you have personally experienced here in Saudi Arabia and watched […]

Saudi Traditional Wedding Dance with swords

Saudis have been known for such dance in festive occasions and wedding parties. Watch the video as a young man dances to an occasion with swords. This practice in KSA has been going on for centuries and generations. It is said to be a light dance with hopping and slight moving steps. As simple as […]

Sponsorship transfer rules tightened

Saudi Arabia: According to the new Labor Law introduced for the expatriates in KSA, the private sector will have certain rulings and standard procedures when it will come to the transfer for sponsorship. It is said that new sponsorship transfers will immediately not be entertained. A private firm can apply once in every three months, […]

Security on Alert; Hajj permits to be checked

Saudi Arabia: As the authorities are concerned over Haji’s not using illegal means of Hajj and performing pilgrimage, it is announced that this time no such case will be entertained and strict actions will be taken against those who perform Hajj illegally and without permits (Tasreeh). There have been hi-tech devices installed in variousplaces around […]

Traditional Camel Race in KSA – Video

Camel Races in Saudi Arabia are one of the most practiced traditions of the country. The camel race was the activity of ancient times that is still practiced till date and camels stand in competition of one another. Many people participate in the race and bring their camels in for the cause. The horse race […]

Rise of MERS infection in the Kingdom this week – News

Riyadh: The Kingdom’s capital has reported new cases of the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus this week in huge numbers that are still expected to increase. The news has been given off by valid sources that the number of deaths and cases of MERS-CoV is larger in number that the Ministry of Health has announced. […]

What to do if your passport is lost in Saudi Arabia

When travelling around, there is always a chance that you might lose your belongings anywhere. So it is very important that you keep a track of everything that you have. When you are residing in Saudi Arabia, and if in any case your lose any of such valuable belongings then there are ways that you […]

15,000 paid parking spaces in Jeddah

The Municipality of KSA is working on providing 15,000 paid parking slots in Jeddah. These spaces will be available for public use in the coming weeks. The parking lots had been a part of the infrastructure renovation that was taken up previous year. This also has allowed the use of pedestrian walkways that were also […]

Procedure to change Iqama profession in KSA

Saudi Iqama is given to all the expatriates that are living in KSA. The Iqama has specific information written on the ID card that tells your name, DOB, expiry and profession that you are working in Saudi Arabia and much more. You should have precise knowledge of what exactly is the Iqama. The information should […]

Saudi Traditions at a Dinner party

Watch the video and have a look at the traditional way Saudis have their dinner party meals. Instead of separate plates, forks and spoons, the customary way is that a huge platter has the food in it. Commonly rice is served with Lamb Meat at such parties. Each individual has to eat the portion in […]

Procedure to Apply for Local Hajj

Hajj is one of the most scared and top five pillars of Islam. It is obligated upon every Muslim to perform Hajj at least once in a life time if he has the resources to do so. If you happen to reside in KSA then it is one of the best opportunities that you can […]

Procedure to Attest Marriage Certificate in KSA

When you are applying for a Permanent Family Visa then it is necessary to have your marriage certificate attested. The attestation legitimizes your family and then the application procedure also becomes easy for approval. There is considerable difference between attesting your degrees and attesting your marriage certificate. Here’s the procedure for the later: Names are one […]