15,000 paid parking spaces in Jeddah

15000 parking in JedThe Municipality of KSA is working on providing 15,000 paid parking slots in Jeddah. These spaces will be available for public use in the coming weeks. The parking lots had been a part of the infrastructure renovation that was taken up previous year.

This also has allowed the use of pedestrian walkways that were also built in many neighborhoods that were commercial by nature.

The parking lots are said to help the pedestrian and the drivers to have an organized structure in the parking lots. They can shop/work freely and there won’t be any need for stress over their cars being towed away.

The parking fee would be SR 3/- per hour. In case of illegal parking the driver would pay SR 100/- and those who park without paying the fee will be charged SR 75/-

It is also said that the drivers can pay their hourly fee by either paying in coins or they will be having a prepaid account where online payments will be made. There will be a service number that the driver will enter in the parking meter, where the certain amount will automatically get deducted.

Source: Saudi Gazette