News – Robbers targeting Expatriate passengers caught



Saudi Arabia: Expatriates have reported of being robbed by a group of African Nationals who were recently captured by the police in Al-Madinah. The robbers were taking passengers from Riyadh to Al-Madinah in cars rented from a private firm. The cars being rented and unauthorized taxis had no insurance or security policies and thus were robbed by the gang.

The gang has reportedly stolen cash, laptops and mobile phones from the passengers and had left the passengers on road while taking them to the city. The police have the group in lock up in Al-Madinah and haven’t been subjected to any specific nationality in Africa. They will appear before the court with the evidence that is collected against them.

According to the police they had been targeting expatriate passengers who didn’t hired authorized taxi cabs because of high fares and rush. They would drop them off to a point in the middle and take away their valuables and rob them of it.

The police have warned passengers to only take authorized and reliable taxi services in the Kingdom and not pay such a heavy price as they have an insurance policy and can provide better services. The investigation in the nearby areas and cities is on-going as the police suspects of more groups and individuals involved in such heinous crimes and theft.