How to Apply for Hajj Permit (Tasreeh) in KSA

Hajj is considered to be one of the sacred pillars of Islam that every Muslim has to perform once in a lifetime if he is capable to do so. It is said that performing Hajj in the past was an easy task as compared to the times of now. It was cheaper back then and there weren’t that many legal procedures involved in it. Now the rates have climbed between 7,000 till 12,000. There are categories and permits but we will here narrow the procedure down so that you may know what is required.

Hardships faced by the people without Tasreeh

Hajj without Tasreeh (Hajj permit) is an offense to the Saudi law and their many factors involved that can result in faces the consequences later. The procedure is considered illegal and it is upon all the citizens of the state that they abide by the rules of the Kingdom. The Saudi government takes strict actions against Hajj without Tasreeh that includes detention and deportation from KSA. Your finances, career and the rest are all at stake when such an illegal act is performed. It also includes that you will exempt yourself from all the essentials needed for Hajj that in a way becomes impossible when you have no shelter or other transport facilities and such.

Agent Searching

The agents are responsible for handing over the Tasreeh to the people. For which, you need to find any agent to work with. What helps here is if you take help from people who’ve already experienced Hajj in the recent years, they can guide you better and tell you of agents and services to make Hajj easy. Budget comparison between agents will let you decide who would be better in terms of pricing. This is one way but involves potential risks as people have already been deceived by paying large sums of cash and the agents goes missing.

A much reliable way to conduct this is to look to agents that have been approved by the Saudi Government. The list is published on the Ministry of Hajj’s site. They are affiliated and recognized so you will not have trust issues in this way and will get a promising service during your Hajj trip.

Applying for Tasreeh (Hajj Permit)

  • Copy of Iqama + Passport
  • 2- 4 Passport sized photographs
  • 3- Blood Group report/ Driving License copy with blood group
  • Meningitis Vaccination Report are available at the government clinics with no charges or at private clinics for SR 70/-
  • Hajj Application form signed by the sponsor. Form will be available with the hired Hajj agent.