Getting a Police Clearance Certificate

Getting a Police clearance Certificate when leaving KSA is an essential, for travelling and getting settled in other countries. The clearance certificate is a must when you have to travel to European countries and work there. There law requires that you provide them with any criminal record or activity of the past that they should know of. Getting the certificate isn’t an easy task when it comes to finalizing your record. Try getting the certificate by yourself before you leave the Kingdom because the procedure gets a little less hectic for that.

Procedure to get the Police Clearance Certificate in KSA

  1. Contact your Embassy and apply for an endorsement letter. You will be provided with a standard format that you may use for the application. Submit the required documents (filled application form, paid fee, copies of Iqama) to the Embassy. The procedure takes around a week or two depending on the applications and workload.
  2. After receiving the letter from the Embassy you will visit MOFA with the received letter of endorsement from your Embassy. The letter will be attested and you will be asked to pay SR 100/- as part of the attestation charges.
  3. When the letter is attested by MOFA you will take the documents to the Police station along with the GRO (Government Relations Officer) of your company.
  4. Before going to the station make sure that you have your Finger Prints scanned and that all the above mentioned steps are executed without issues.
  5. You will be provided with an expected date from the Police Station of getting the Clearance Certificate ready.

If you are wondering which stations to visit then:

Jeddah – Behind Islamic Development Bank

Riyadh – Near Deera Court

Dammam – Opposite to the Governor House

These branches have the offices for getting the certification ready in the stations so it is better to visit these when you are about to get one.

Once you have received the certification, visit MOFA for the final attestation and then get it translated in English for future purposes.