How to reduce electricity bills in KSA

That’s great if you’re living in Saudi Arabia, and then, of course, you know how much you’re accountable to spend on your electricity bills. And you also know the situation during the summer. You can save electricity bills by following some tips. We are going to give a list below. Whether you’re cutting back on costs, saving up for your home, or want to keep the carbon footprint to a minimum, these tips will help you a lot.

First of all, we would like to recommend you to perform an energy audit cause energy audits are very powerful tools that will sharply identify where the most energy is being consumed. After identifying the problematic areas you can systematically handle the situation.

It is obvious that with the increase of the temperature in the GCC during the summer season, higher electric demand load will put pressure on air conditioning equipment in homes and offices around the city. So let’s learn about the top ideas to reduce the bill. Mechanical Engineer at DC PRO Engineering El Khouri provides six tips to reduce unnecessary energy consumption and keep bills down during the summer.

  • Reduce Electrical consumption in peak hours (14.30-15.30). We would suggest using energy at this time of the day. Air conditioning equipment imbibes much more power than usual during this peak, so any additional activity that effuses heat might only result in more work for the Ac.
  • Installing internal and external window filming can also help. Studies have shown that this filming process results in a 60% heat reduction.
  • Having doors and windows closed during the daytime can be a good idea too. At this time your Ac takes the most pressure and you surely wouldn’t like any of that air escaping your place.
  • Using the thermostat properly can be a good idea too. Many people in the GCC tend to embezzle a thermostat and set it on ‘FAN ON’ at all times. Instead, set the thermostat on AUTO with a temperature (of 22-23oC) to achieve thermal comfort and save up to 40% energy.
  • Once in a year, you can do the AC maintenance. It is one of the smartest ways to lower costs. Of course, you’ll have to pay someone to have it cleaned but round the year it will help you save a lot of money.
  • Investing in a solar gazebo can be another great idea of saving electricity bills. If you have a villa and you’re willing to reduce the bill, solar gazebos placed on the roof can help a lot.
  • AC optimizers can lower the energy cost integrated with your AC unit.
  • You can also install a water Aerator. Water aerators add water to the flow of water. It provides comfortable water pressure with less flow which reduces the unnecessary water consumption & water pump energy. So it saves both water and electricity bills.
  • If your home is crosshatched by trees, energy cost can be reduced naturally. And if you don’t have that many trees try heavy curtains in your home to keep it cool.
  • Refrigerators are another huge energy consumers. For banishing some of these energy consumptions, you can try letting hot foods cool before putting them in the fridge. Also, keep drinks and food covered inside the fridge.
  • Saving hot water during the day for the evening can be a smart move. It will save a considerable amount money.
  • An upgrade to a tank less water heater can effectively reduce the time it takes to heat the water. And if you don’t want to upgrade it then you can remove the sediment build-up annually. And also you need to make sure someone takes a look at it from time to time.
  • Try using Microwaves instead of an oven. Microwaves are more energy efficient than ovens. Also, don’t preheat the oven unless it’s absolutely necessary.
  • Try avoiding the heat dry feature on a dishwasher. It costs a lot of energy. You’ll get clean dishes anyway even if you turn it off.