Hajj Vaccination

Free Hajj Vaccination in Saudi Arabia

Hajj is one of the most religious pilgrimages to Mecca undertaken by Muslims from all around the world. As Hajj brings a diverse amount of people from different countries and they bring with them their own contagions.
Hence it is required that local residents who want to perform Hajj, should get vaccinated.

The CDC and World Health organization recommended these vaccines for people, before going to Hajj:-

Hepatitis A, Typhoid, Meningitis, Hepatitis B and Rabies. Meningitis vaccination proof is required by Saudi Government to take part in Hajj.


Cost of getting Hajj Vaccinations-

In Private hospitals for Hajj vaccinations they will charge in the range of SR300 to SR 400 (can be a little less or a little more). Children are not needed to get vaccinated because, those vaccines have already been covered in their (children) normal vaccination.

FREE Hajj Vaccinations

As we already said to get Hajj vaccinations you have to pay SR 300 to SR 400, and as it’s a very heavy costly for so many people and also when a couple is going for Hajj the cost becomes SR 600 and SR 800. There is also a way is to get Hajj vaccinations free of cost by going to any Government Health centers in Saudi Arabia, with the Tasreeh. Not sure if all government Health Centers have it or not. You contact you closest government health clinic for more information if vaccination available or not.