What is Naqal Malomaat ?


In Saudi Arabia, whenever, you make new passport for yourself or your family member, the first thing you should do is to get the new passport registered in the Jawazat computer records. This registration of new passport is called Naqal Malomaat. People also refer to it as transfer of information from old passport to new passport as per the literal meaning of the words but the correct term would Registration of new passport details in Jawazat system.

It is a fairly simple process and usually done by your company PR officer. However, if your company does do it for your dependents or you need to urgently get it done, then we give you the process below. Kindly note, only the sponsor or his representative can do the naqal maloomat for you.

Documents required to do Naqal Malomaat for your dependents:

  1. Your dependent’s Old passport
  2. Your dependent’s New passport
  3. Dependent’s iqama

Keep one photocopy all the above documents along with original.


It is free. There is no fee for it.

Forms or paperwork

Kindly fill the standard Jawazat form which you can get from your company HR or you can get it at Jawazat. You can get it filled from Maktabs or typist sitting around Jawazat office.


Just walk in to the Jawazat office nearest to you. For location, see Jawazat location

At the Jawazat office, ask for reception or any other officer for counter for doing Naqal Malomaat. Once you find the queue, join it and wait ifor your turn. Once your turn comes, give the new passport and iqama  along with the form to the officer at the counter. After a few taps on the computer he will tell it is done. Sometimes, they stamp your passport and other times they do not. You can check if the Naqal Malomaat has been done correctly by visiting your Abshir account. For more details, see How to Confirm Naqal Malomaat is done correctly.