How to Confirm Naqal Malomaat is done correctly


As discussed earlier, the process of Naqal Malomaat is very simple. However, the way officer taps the buttons on his computer and gives you back so fast, you doubt if he has really made the entry or done it correctly.

Fortunately, there is was you can verify that it has been done correctly or not. Last year, one of readers Naqal Maloomat was done wrongly – his daughter’s passport expiry date was entered wrongly. So he went to Jawazat office to do Naqal Malomaat. Immediately after the officer finished the Naqal Malomaat and gave him the passport, he logged in to his Abshir account through his mobile to verify if the correction was done. And to his surprise, it was updated immediately !!

For those people who want to know process, see How to do Naqal Maloomat ?

For those people who know know the process to verify Naqal Malomaat is done correctly, follow the below steps:

1. Log in to your Abshir account through Ministry of Interior website. If you are not already registered for Abshir account, see How to register for Abshir service

2. Click  Dependent Services

3. You will list of dependents registered under your name and their summary. To see more information, click “More Details

4. You will see the below page. Each information in the page are explained below:

Click "Dependent Services"

Click “Dependent Services”


Click "More Details" to see more information

Click “More Details” to see more information


Complete information about your wife & Kids as per Jawazat computer

Complete information about your wife & Kids as per Jawazat computer

To check if Naqal Maloomat is done correctly on not, scroll down the page and see box labelled 8 under the heading passport (see the above picture)

The explanation is as below:

8. Passport : This shows the Passport details of your dependent. Make sure the expiry date &  Passport number are entered correctly. Otherwise, sometimes you may face problem at the airport while travelling. You can get it corrected at Nakal Malumat counter in Jawazat. The process for correction of passport information is same as doing Naqal Maloomat. For the process, see How to do Naqal Maloomat

For more details regarding other information (point 1 to 7) in the above picture, see How to Check Family Details in Jawazat System