How to Check Family Details in Jawazat System

family details in jawazat 1

The Ministry of Interior has streamlined its system and now your are able to access all information about your dependents (wife & kids) online at the click of a button. You can know if they have crossed immigration point at the airport or if they fingerprinting is still pending or what their exit re-entry visa number and how long it is valid. And you can issue Exit re-entry visa online just from the comfort of your home.

We give you below step by step procedure with illustrative pictures to showing you how to all the above things and more:

1. Log in to your Abshir account through Ministry of Interior website. If you are not already registered for Abshir account, see How to register for Abshir service

2. Click  Dependent Services

3. You will list of dependents registered under your name and their summary. To see more information, click “More Details

4. You will see the below page. Each information in the page are explained below:

Click "Dependent Services"

Click “Dependent Services”


Click "More Details" to see more information

Click “More Details” to see more information


Complete information about your wife & Kids as per Jawazat computer

Complete information about your wife & Kids as per Jawazat computer. For detail about each number see below explanation

Explanation of various fields:

1. This is the name of your dependent – wife or kids as entered in the Jawazat computer and same will be printed in the iqama.

2. This is the  iqama number of your dependent.

3. Hajj Information : Shows if your dependent is eligible to do Hajj and also when was the last she/he had done Hajj.

4. Travel Status: It can be either Inside Kingdom or Outside Kingdom. The status changes as soon as the immigration officer at the airport enters it in the computer. It is a handy way to know if your family has arrived at airport or has left the country.

5. Is Enrolled : This field shows if fingerprinting is done or not. Please note, fingerprinting is MUST for all dependents above the age of 15 be they male or female including your wife. See  How & Where to do fingerprinting for Women

6. Passport Deposit : When you deposit amount for exit re-entry or any other government service against your dependents iqama, it shows here. Basically, it is the Funds Available in MOI system against your dependent’s iqama.

7. Visa : This shows the exit re-entry visa number, issue date, expiry date and its duration.

8. Passport : This shows the Passport details of your dependent. Make sure the expiry date is entered correctly. Otherwise, if the passport expiry date is wrong, sometimes you may face problem while travelling. You can get it corrected at Nakal Malumat counter in Jawazat.

9. If you scroll down, you will see button for Issue Visa, which basically for issuing Exit re-entry visa. For step by step process See How to issue Exit Re-entry visa for your Wife & Kids