Strict action against illegal Hajis

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The Government of Saudi Arabia has introduced a Hajj permit also known as Tasreeh, which is a must for every travelling Haji of the season. The Hajj permit allows you to perform Hajj and take advantage of other additional services in the category in a legal way.

Many Hajis have been taking the other side of the track and performing Hajj without the permit. This can lead to many chaotic situations if you’re caught by the authorities. The Government has introduced finger printing devices and aerial surveying cameras to catch such people in the act and take severe action against them. There are hi-tech devices that scan and process your Hajj permits, so they will also know if you’re travelling with a fake permit. The permit has to be genuine and only bought from an affiliated agent.

Read the stories of our readers below how had opt for illegal Hajj and what charges and consequences are they facing now.

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Such actions are taken to control the services and number of Haji’s during the Hajj season so that only a specific number of people can perform Hajj once.

The government  considers those doing Hajj without Tasreeh as illegal and those expatriates caught will be penalized as follows:

  1. They will be turned back to return to their city.
  2. They will be deported for breaking the law.
  3. There will be 10 year ban from entering the country.



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