What is Jawazat ? Where is it located ?

For new comers to Saudi Arabia, this will be the second new Arabic word they will hear after iqama.

Jawazat also known as General Directorate of Passports (GDP) is the department which is responsible for issue of iqama for expatriates and passports for Saudis. It is one of the agencies of Ministry of Interior of Saudi Arabia(MOI). All immigration points are also controlled by its personnel.

For expatriates, Jawazat is the place issue of new iqama, renewal of iqama etc. In the previous days, Exit re-entry, Exit visa were done at Jawazat and your sponsor or HR person had to go physically to do it. However, now a days these services are available online through Abshir.

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Jawazat Logo

Jawazat Logo

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The website for Jawazat is  http://www.gdp.gov.sa   Currently it is only in Arabic.


Location :


Jawazat Riyadh

Jawazat Riyadh, Courtesy : Haytham Khalid

جوازات الرياض
Riyadh Passport Office
6971 King Fahad Branch Rd, Al Murabba
Riyadh 12613
Coordinates : 24.659079, 46.701653



Jeddah Jawazat, Courtesy: Muhannad Hani

Jeddah Jawazat, Courtesy: Muhannad Hani

جوازات جدة
Jeddah Passports office
Abdullah Balkhayr, Al Baghdediah Al Sharqiyah
Jeddah 22241
Coordinates : 21.499303, 39.197756


Jawazat Dammam

Jawazat Dammam, Courtesy : bibekdahal

جوازات المنطقة الشرقية
Eastern Province Passports Office
9th Street,
Dammam 32241
Saudi Arabia
Coordinates : 26.438833, 50.107824