What to do if you do not Receive Salary on Time ?



salary on time

This is a common problem faced by expatriates – delay in salary. And most of the times expatriates are at loss what to do about it as they are unaware about their rights.

Few points to keep in mind are follows:

  1. Make sure that you have written work contract signed by both parties. The contract should describe the type of work & position, salary, work timings, vacation duration etc. For more details about work contract see  Work Contract
  2. It is expected that your sponsor should pay at the end of month or within 10 days of end of month.
  3. With the implementation of wage protection system by Ministry of Labor, it will become for all companies to regularize the salaries of all employees. The Ministry of Labor will monitor if the salaries are being paid on time and penalize those who delay their salaries. For more details see Saudi Arabia to have complete Wage Protection System by next year, 2015

Wage protection system will become compulsory for all companies by 2015 and Ministry of Labor will ensure that all  salary payments are made to workers through bank.

Till then if you are facing issues of delay in salaries payment then you can contact your Embassy or Ministry of Labor.